Three romantic movies to watch in January

As for the beginning of the year, I decided to recommend tthree romantic movies released during 2014-2015. Maybe you’ve already seen them, but if not, now with the cold weather outside, it might be a good opportunity.  These are very well crafted films with complicated love stories, some seemingly impossible and with pretty sweet endings.

The Best of Me by Michael Hoffman (2014)


It’s the love story between Amanda and Dawson, which begins in 1992 and is interrupted by a tragic accident. They meet again twenty years later discovering they still love each other. However, she hasn’t become the woman she wanted, while he lives with the guilt of the past. An interesting story with an unexpected ending.

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Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List by Kristin Hanggi (2015)


Naomi is a very sensitive girl, while Ely is sassy but with a heart of gold. It’s a years-long friendship between the protagonists that has several hints of being a perfect romance, if only Ely weren’t gay. It’s a film about the importance of friendships that are born following the same path as a love story.

In My Dream by Kenny Leon (2014)


Natalie and Nick are the victims of the legend associated with the Hayward Fountain. He is an architect too closely related to his mother, while she is the owner of an Italian restaurant inherited from her mother. Their story begins in a dream and they will only have 7 days to meet in real life. It remains to be seen if they will succeed.


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