Must-see movies this summer

This summer is a triumph in the world of cinema, many good films are coming out, successful films, big budget films, special effects films, love films, psychological films, but also comical films that can make us feel sad and make our summer more colourful.

We are approaching the highlight of the summer, the holiday. Which means holidays by the sea or in the mountains, barbecues on the green grass, long evenings on the terraces with friends and loved ones, but also relaxing moments with a good book in hand or asummer 2016 blockbuster movie. Summer is the ideal time to do all the things you don’t manage to do during the year, if you like to watch movies check out our recommendations where you can choose good films that you may not have managed to see so far or if you want to discover what’s new in cinemas in summer 2016, you can discover interesting film proposals. It’s up to you what you choose. Here’s a list of selected films for this weekend. I look forward to your opinions.

Me Before You (2016)


The film premiered in Romania at the beginning of July.Me Before You is a story dreamt of by many young women today. A story about finding true love and fighting with dignity for what you want in life.


2.Bad Moms


An American comedy with many spicy twists and turns starring  Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn as bad moms and Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith and Annie Mumolo as perfect moms. Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Annie Mumolo, tired of following all the rules imposed by society, decide to abandon their prejudices in favour of having fun. Their inappropriate actions put them at odds with the group of perfect mothers, which leads to some laugh-out-loud scenes. You really must see it especially when you’re in a group!

The most famous erotic movies

3. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates/ Partners for Mike and Dave


Adam Devine and Aubrey Plaza as Mike and Dave are looking for partners this summer. What do you do when you’re invited to a wedding and you have to have a date, and not just any date, but one who’s better behaved than you? But what happens if the date turns out to be more of a weirdo than you? Stay tuned for the adventure of brothers Mike and Dave as they search for dates to attend their sister’s wedding. A crazy adventure with lots of twists and turns that will keep you laughing.

4. Maney Monster


Maney Monster is, in a way, a satire of the financial crisis. The film is thought-provoking and raises many questions about a common topic these days: corruption in the business world. The film stars George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Dominic West, Giancarlo Esposito and Caitriona Balfe.

5. By the sea


Love movies to watch together on Valentine’s Day

What do you do when your draftee is in danger of being lost, and the man next to you doesn’t seem to be the one you loved? What are you willing to do to save your love? These are some of the questions Angelina Jolie wants to answer with this film.  A lot of publicity has been given to this film, especially since it is a film directed and produced by the famous Jolie, and stars her and her husband Brad Pitt. The film follows the relationship of an American couple, Roland (Brad Pitt) and his wife Vanessa (Angelina Jolie), as they go through a period of impasse and estrangement. Thus, the film focuses on the protagonists’ last attempt to save their marriage.

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