White glamour dress

I hope you have got a wonderful beginning of the week.

My Monday was excellent, since it has come after a superb weekend. And you probably wonder what’s with the present outfit and why I am wearing a white dress. If it crossed your minds that I am about to get married, well, I am not.

A pure white dress is generally associated to a classic bride’s attire, it’s said that only the brides may wear white, but things do not go that way exactly.

It depends very much on the line, the length, a white dress may very well be put on, as a daily outfit but also during the night. During the summer days, it’s a must-have to wear white.

I have been having this dress in my wardrobe for a while and now, I think it’s time to put it on.  It’s a sophisticated dress with a glamour look that can be very well used during the day but also in the night. Especially when you want to feel special, and get yourself out of the anonymity. But let’s just talk a bit about the white dress and how you may accessorize it.

How to wear a white dress and not look a bride

Most of the time, the girls panic when they are dressed in white, as the white is very delicate and needs a very sharp accuracy, and following by saying: „How I am going to wear a white dress and not being asked on the streets by people if I am a bride” Why is that? Because nowadays, the brides don’t want to wear white princess dresses, but choose instead to wear simple white dresses, that can be put on in various occasions other than the wedding days, not to mention those brides that tend to wear different coloured dresses. So we are saying goodbye to the fairy tale classic brides, and we embrace new bold styles of the super stylish brides.


For a little white dress that can be worn for different occasions, the stylists recommend the asymmetric dress, a little shorter in front of it and a bit longer in its back, or another solution might be to wear a short straight dress without any embroidery or laces. Besides this, you must choose your shoes of any other colour (everything goes well with white), as well as the accessories (earrings, neckless, purse and eventually a hat if any). Based on the dress line, you may also choose to add a belt of the same colour as your footware and of the other accessories, and so, you will get yourself a superb look that will make you look different immediately.





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