The mini skirt, a 2017 summer trend. How you wear it…

The short skirts have always been fashionable, every year new models or fabrics appear, but even so, the mini skirts remain an essential element of any fashionista’s wardrobe who wants to unveil her legs and discover her own femininity.

A mini skirt can be worn together with a T-shirt, a shirt, a blouse with uncovered shoulders, sneakers, sandals or high heels shoes! This fashion element offers us a whole range of possibilities of how to use it, depending mostly on our imagination and the occasion in which we opt to wear a mini skirt.

When I moved to Italy, I had a period when I gave up on wearing skirts and dresses, especially short ones.  Anyhow, I didn’t wear them very often in Romania or Moldova either, but sometimes, very rarely, I wanted to wear a short skirt or dress without being afraid when walking down a street of being whistled at any street corner.

 I just wouldn’t say there are no such case here as well, but I think my fear was a bit smaller comparing to when I first arrived here.  Probably I felt safer there because I was at home, in my country, where I knew how to speak the mother language.

White glamour dress

The jeans skirt with zipper or buttons 

Now, that I’ve been living in Italy for some time, the things have changed already. After I got to know a little bit more about the Italian lifestyle and their mentality, I managed to overcome the foreigner’s fears and enjoyed the life I had met here. 

And it’s not that tragic. I’ve been wearing freely short skirts and dresses now, without any major incident.

The short skirt I mostly like to wear it during the summer time with some sandals or sports shoes. And I’d like to mention that I like very much the jeans skirts with high waist. With all that saying, I don’t buy myself skirts very often as I prefer dresses more. I madly like wearing dresses as they are so simple to be worn and comfy.

Few days ago, just looking for a specific dress, I managed to find the skirt in the pictures.  I had that dress for some years now, I don’t remember exactly how many, but nothing has changed for it as I didn’t change myself because it still fit me. Surprisingly, that type of skirt, with zipper or buttons in front of it, it is very fashionable this year.

Fashion summer 2017: how to assort a short skirt? 

This summer there are three types of skirts that are fashionable, the short leather ones, preferably the tight ones, the tight jeans ones and the crease fluffy ones.

I prefer the leather skirts or, as I have already said before, the jeans ones, because I think they are more comfy and they lay better on the body, and in case of any sudden moves or a strong pale of wind, they will not create any trouble for you.

The jeans skirts or the leather skirts may be very easily assorted with a T-shirt or a body to create a casual look, light, summery, and you can choose sport shoes or elegant sandals for them.  Beginning with sneakers, sandals, ballet shoes as much as high heel sandals, any of these footware go smoothly with a short skirt.

Here is my new casual look in a hot summer afternoon.



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