Why people wear red for Christmas?

Have you ever wondered why red is the color for the winter holidays and what is the story behind that tradition? From Santa’s clothes, up to all kinds of decorations, red is the primordial color on the streets and of the shop windows. Here is why.

Abundant meals, streets decorated with lights, Santa Claus and carols are the main symbols of the Christmas holidays. But above all that, there is the red color.

For the Christmas, we can see as much red as we don’t have the chance to see throughout the whole year. Why red, the color of passion, is the color of the Christmas? There are a few superstitions that say that if we wear red in this period of time, that will get rid of the evil and attract love next year, few superstitions that in time became traditions, that whether we want it or not, we have to accept it. But why red and where this story began?

Red – the color of vitality

The red color has prehistorical roots, it’s the color of the blood that always referred to the principle of life. According to the specialists, the 25th of December has a double connotation, religious and pagan, it’s the day Jesus was born, but also the ritual preparing us for the passing to the new year. The new year symbolizes a new dynamism, a new force.

Red, the color of royalty

Red is also a color of the royalty, if we think of the capes that the bishops and kings wear, they are also red as red suggest authority. In time the signification of this color changed, but it’s said that because of the red cape of St. Nicolae, the protector of all children, comes the tradition of this color, tradition that has been consecrated in the legend of Santa Claus. The Christmas and everything that comes along with it is nothing more than a commercial celebration and a concept of globalization.

There are a few legends about Santa Claus, but for sure we will never know which one is closer to reality. As for the red color that is so omnipresent for this period of holidays, it’s more likely to be associated with the idea of life, a new beginning, as this is the period when our Savior is born.

Maybe the idea of wearing red is also amplified by the stylists, who encourage us to wear this color and keep the traditions, and in December they sell more than before red clothes. In any ways, it’ll be difficult to change this views and red will remain for a very long time, the symbolic color of Christmas.

My advice to you all is not to wear too much red all over. If the dress is red, try and combine the accessories of other colors, or, you can on the other hand to wear only red accessories. Here is a new outfit on red, as we are in the middle of the holiday season.

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