Missing the summer. What is your favorite month?

June is my favourite month.  Is it because I was born this month? Yes, within a few days there will be my birthday.

For a few years I have stopped giving big attention to my birthday, I don’t see any reason that I should be happy that another year has gone out of my life.

But, on the other hand, I am happy that this year I have gained new experiences and I came of age a bit more (I believe that we never stop doing that till the last day of our lives). Whether we  want it or not, the years go by anyways.

About thoughts and hot summer days… These days, I have realized that I kind of miss my childhood summer days, when around the 1st of June, we would enter  the vacation. And I would really want that kind of vacation again, three months in which I would not have to do anything, or at least I would do only what I would like.

Dreams! Now, I only dream of some other type of vacation, as that kind of vacation does not exist any longer, but only a few free days that are full of responsibilities anyhow.

All I can do in the summer, in one of these days, is to buy myself an ice cream, hide myself in the shadow of some tree and enjoy myself having a few lonely moments of myself, in which I am able to set free my thoughts entirely and enjoy the quitness… to enjoy the blue sky and the vivid green of the nature around me. To pick up flowers and later put them in a vase on my night stand.

After all, this is the beauty of the summer, when the soul meets the nature from which it gets energy and new vibes. But still, June has something special, sublime, and a sweet, sour taste in my bottom of my soul. The month of June smells of strawberries, cherries and sour cherries. Those that I used to eat directly from my garden.  Now I buy them by a kilo. I miss many things during the month of June.

What do you miss during the summer? What is your favourite month and why?



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