Cotton dresses in the summer. Yes or no?

 It’s summer!!! It’s obvious, girls lightly dressed, face eager for the vacation to come. Strange outfits and bold looks.

For me, this is the period of the year when I want to uncover my legs, so I have hidden all my pairs of pans that I have in my wardrobe and made space only for dresses and skirts. In the summer I adore to wear dresses. This is a model of dress that I madly love to wear during the summer.

Cotton dresses in the summer. Yes or no?

Simple, elegant and refreshing. Made of cotton with a shape of a bell, the dress lays very well on my body and offers a relaxing, light and also elegant look.

Moreover, that the summer days in Milan are very hot and at temperatures of +35C to 40C, the velvet or the satin are practically unwearable. Even the scientists recommend that during the hot days of summer, people should wear cotton or flax.

Besides the fact that the cotton absorbs the sweat easily, and we do sweat during the summer’s heat, the cotton is more consistent and hypoallergenic. Keeping the dust away.

The cotton clothes are recommended to people that suffer of asthma, allergies and that are predisposed to skin irritations.

What is your favourite outlook for the summer? What fabrics do you prefer?





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