Black and white, casual elegant style

“You can never be too formal or too informal in a black attire” – a quote of Lagerfeld.

I would like to add to that the non-colour white. If black is the non-colour that is super elegant for the night attires, the white colour offers elegancy for the day clothes whilst the combination between black and white is the perfect elegancy for a casual look, one that is fit for any occasion.

The world of fashion is always on the move, each year the designers come with new collection, new trends appear, new colours are recommended to us or new styles but non-colours black and white are always there for us, because there will be no other colour that could emanate more mystery and charm, more than these two colours, either together or separately. The great designer Coco Chanel used to adore this combination of black and white, she created the black and white sandals that made history. And who didn’t hear about Coco Chanel and her statements about fashion.  

It simply crosses my mind the famous statement: “The fashion goes away but the style never will”. This is what matter the most, to be original, to be yourself, only so you can conquer the world.  Just to understand better, not only what is fashionable, what you can find on every shelves of every shop at every corner of the street will necessarily guarantee you stylish appearance.  It doesn’t matter what colours you wear, or you choose to wear the non-colours, what is truly important is that you feel comfortable in that colour, you feel yourself.

Choose to be unique, keep your own style and your way to be, listen to the advice but also create and highlight your own style.  It’s not necessarily that you will need a pile of money to wear something nice and to look impeccable, as long as you have taste and know what to choose properly.  

I don’t really know if I told you that, but I always choose to buy myself clothes for a very low budget. I also have expensive clothes but also cheap ones that I use to combine.  And believe me; your style doesn’t stay in your wallet or how much you paid for a cloth, but stays with the taste and refinement you have when you wear that cloth.  The style will stay in your education, your character, in your general culture, in the shape of your body.

For a very stylish appearance you must know your body first, the strong parts and the little imperfections of it, only so, the clothes you will wear will give you an advantage.  In conclusion, the style is to get to know your imperfections and to know how to choose the clothes to hide them.




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