Walking to the Streets of Milan

If you plan to go to Milan, don’t just visit the Duomo, the Sforzesco castle or Corso Buonos Aires, the most visited and well known by all tourists.

The city of Milan is a city that has to be acquainted with, with small steps, if you really want to discover its beauties. Can you realize how many interesting places one city so big can have? Believe it or not, there are so many beautiful places that are not shown on a tourism map, most of all being unknown and undiscovered by normal tourists.

Moreover, many of these places are simply undiscovered by locals, most of the time. Small streets, little houses, squares, parks, patios, bars, restaurants that even they are small and far less known, they simply have a unique beauty.

One day in Milan, you have to do it by foot, with a map in your hand just to have an orientation clue, but in rest you have to go where your eyes take you, where you feel attracted to, only so you will be able to discover places that you have never hoped you would the chance to see. I do it just so when I am in Milan and I have time on my hands and I don’t have a certain place I need to be. One of these days I arrived at Porta Venezia, I went to a street that sincerely I don’t even remember its name, but I discovered that old building covered with green vine and all sorts of trees and flowers. I couldn’t simply resist the temptation to just stop and make some pictures.

My Outfit in a summer day

And finally, because the heat has already here, I wear a pair of short flowered pans from H&M, a simple white T-shirt, also from H&M and a little bag from Aldo Ripani – a simple outfit, a casual and cosy one for a hot summer day, for a walk in Milan.

As I said at the beginning, visiting Milan by foot is the best way to get to know and appreciate the charm of the streets, the vitality that they emanate in the daytime and during the nights. I thought it would be nice for you to know that there are beautiful unknown places, in case you want to come visit Milan. What do you say? About where you can find the most beautiful streets in the city, I will tell you in my next post in the trips section of the site.

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