Velvet dress, fashionable 2017: My new look

The first trends for autumn – winter 2016/2017 suggest that the velvet is once again fashionable, a material that was promoted by the designers beginning with the fashion week. Here is my new look wearing a black velvet dress, trying to go back in time, a few decades, through style and elegance.

The velvet is usually perceived as an out of fashion material, but not this year, since on the catwalks of the fashion week in September, anyone could not stop to notice an abundance of velvet dresses. The velvet is synonymous with luxury, soft when you touch it and very shiny, the velvet inspires us glamour, that whether you want it or not, place us in the middle of the hotspot. Once the velvet dresses were only for very special occasions, parties or important celebrations where ladies hoped to be remarked.

This year the velvet dresses are not only for special celebrations, but, we may very well dare to wear them in a normal sunny day, when we are wishful for a walk through the alleys of the city.

I took this dress for a still warm normal afternoon autumn day and I had a walk to the Villa Reale in Monza, a place with a great historical significance over the centuries.

Villa Reale in Monza or the Royal Palace in Monza was for many centuries in a row, the headquarters of the government of the city of Milan, whilst today it’s a cultural center of great importance that holds many events and exhibitions. The architecture of this place is also very impressive and inspires us with luxury and style. One building that holds a lot of charm, so does the velvet dress.

A velvet dress will never be a simple dress, but it conveys the opulence and it can send you to the femininity of the 70’s. You have to pay attention to the event or the place where you want to wear it.

 How to accessorize a velvet dress?

As I was saying, the velvet is a very refined fabric that seems to send us back in time to our parents’ youth, although nowadays it’s very fashionable. What you should know about this fabric is that it goes very well with the vintage accessories. Thus, it would be very good to opt for at least one vintage accessory. I simply love special hats that offer me a suave nostalgia towards the elegance of the women of the last century that seems to be a little bit lost nowadays. As much as that, I also like the beads or the pearls. So if you have a velvet dress and you don’t know how to accessorize it, I recommend you the special occasion hats, the pearls, large rings or pearl rings, long necklaces or you may very well wear a modern soft one.

As far as the footwear goes, I chose a pair of two color sandals with a front cut and black on the back and a belt. As simple as possible, since those sandals are made of suede that it connects with the velvet dress even more.

PS: And because the Christmas and the New Year’s Party are coming, you may very well choose a velvet dress with long sleeves or short sleeves with long gloves that will make shine just like a star.






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