Autumn colors and about the way you should wear the cardigan

Did you know that the autumn is the most difficult season to be reproduced in a paint? We can find so many colors in the autumn, as it is really difficult to reproduce them all identically. The strolls in a park are a real bless during the autumn.

When you live in a city, the parks are the place where you can find the most picturesque pictures of the nature, to open up our hearts and to maintain the charm that we already have in us. The shades of brown, yellow, orange or red that create a game of colors and stains will change every vision we have. It’s not in vain that the autumn is called, the season of the heart. The vivid colors will create many other shades of green and brown, especially in fashion and art.

The autumn has its own charm in fashion as well, from raincoats, coats or cardigans that have been created to protect us from cold, till the colors we chose in our clothing, they all have the role to make us feel good. So, it’s very important, how we dress in the autumn.

The cardigan is mandatory in every wardrobe.

You all have a cardigan in your wardrobe that you use to wear it in the autumn or in the spring, because it’s easier to wear it than the winter jacket. Nowadays, there are many types of cardigans, different interesting cuts and of many colorful fabrics. Even though, not all the cardigans are created equally, some of them are better for some types of body, whilst some others, for some other carriages.

How you should wear the cardigan.

The cardigans may be without a form. In this case, you should know how to wear one of these. Most of the times, the belts are the salvation for this type of cardigan, in order to create a nice look. A belt that is placed on your waist, is the ideal idea in order to create a clepsydra look and it may also offer a classic and elegant look.

This year in Milan, the long cardigan was a very important piece of clothing and probably will keep being so in the next spring. A cardigan that is worn under a leather jacket or a long coat to the ground is a very good way to be trendy but also feminine and sexy.

I found the present cardigan at Zuiki and I liked it very much. It can be worn in many ways, with dresses or skirts, but also with trousers, with a belt or without one, with a leather jacket or under a long coat. An important element that I like very much, is its cut, long on the back and short in front, but also that its collar is of black leather.

How about you? What type of cardigans do you like and how do you wear them?






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