Italian romance films to watch this weekend

Love is art, emotion without limits. However, when we talk about love in cinema, one can feel a different musicality from culture to culture. You are used to American love films, but what do you think of Italian love films? Here are 5 Italian movies you should see at least once in your life. You can start this weekend! Enjoy your viewing!


Scusa ma ti chiamo amore/I’m sorry, if I say, I love you


Love has no age, as the love story between Alex and Niki shows.

Alex is left alone after his girlfriend leaves him, but Niki is at an age where love is fleeting, not after she meets Alex. There’s a 20-year age gap between these two, yet love has no limits and can be beautiful anytime and anywhere, unless you’ve truly met the right person.



The 10 most beautiful love movies of all time

The film is set in the Sicilian town of Castelcuto, a small town full of mischief for a beautiful woman like Malena, left alone after her husband goes to war. Malena decently endures the envious stares and grumbles of the locals. But one day everything changes. Malena learns that her husband has been killed in the war, and in order to get on with her life, after several unpleasant incidents, she becomes a prostitute. All the while she is being pursued by Renato, a boy of 12, who has fallen madly in love with her and is insistent on following her everywhere. Thus Renato is the only one who knows Malena’s reality and keeps a beautiful image of her.


L’uomo perfetto / The perfect man


Two good friends, Lucia and Maria, love the same man. Only Lucia has secretly loved Paul since childhood, but her beloved boyfriend marries Lucia’s best friend Maria. A love triangle, which challenges Lucia not to give up so easily on her great love, so she hires a paid actor to play the perfect man and at the same time seduce her rival Maria. Except that love can’t be planned. It remains to find out the ending.

Manuale d’amore/Manual of love


Manuale d’amore is a 2005 film directed by Giovanni Veronesi, who divided it into four episodes. The film tells the love story of several couples. who go through different stages in a relationship.

Lezioni di cioccolato/ Chocolate lessons


Mattia is a cynical and unscrupulous contractor who, out of a desire to save money, forces his workers on a construction site to work illegally. One day, however, a worker is injured and from there he ends up blackmailing Mattia. The worker forces Mattia to go to a course he was enrolled in instead of him. Mattia, out of necessity, attends the chocolate course, where he meets Cecilia, and gradually a beautiful love story is born between the two of them, with many adventures that chocolate will sweeten anyway.

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