7 films you must see to love autumn

Autumn has fully set in, with dreary days, cold days, wind, rain, falling leaves and colours turning everything a rusty-brown. And yet how beautiful this season is. Autumn is the protagonist of unforgettable films, films that have made history in the world of cinema. Some of them are dramas, some are comedies, but there are some films where autumn is particularly beautiful and you can’t help but fall in love with it.

Autumn, the season that makes us think of the most beautiful love stories, of loves that shake the foundations of human nature. These stories, which are very well framed in films, place the main protagonists in a dreamlike picture, in a picture that almost has the appearance of a surreal painting.

Here we have selected for you 10 films where autumn is the main season, films that make us appreciate the most beautiful and romantic part of this season. Surely you’ve already heard of them or maybe you’ve seen them, but why not revisit them this autumn over a cup of hot tea.

Autumn in New York 


A fairly well known romantic film, the scenes in this movie were filmed in New York’s Central Park, the city’s largest and most famous park. In autumn the park fills with leaves, colouring everything around in typical autumn hues that turn New York into a dream city.

When Harry met Sally


A great romantic comedy with two unforgettable leads, Mag Rayan and Billy Crystal. The film takes place over several years and seasons, but the best scenes in the film are towards the end of the film and there is no denying that autumn with its magical colours and atmosphere have made their mark on the ending of this love story.

Must-see films this summer

You’ve got mail 

This image released by Warner Bros. Home Video shows actors Tom Hanks, left, and Meg Ryan in a scene from the romantic comedy "You've Got Mail," directed, co-written and co-produced by Nora Ephron. Publisher Alfred A. Knopf confirmed Tuesday, June 26, 2012, that author and filmmaker Nora Ephron died Tuesday of leukemia in New York. She was 71. (AP Photo/Warner Bros. Home Video)
Another romantic comedy starring Mag Rayn  which this time too is filmed in New York.   As with  When Harry Met Sally, the film takes place over several seasons, only this time the opening is with the fall season.

(500) day of summer


Even though this film also takes place over the course of a year, including the four seasons. Autumn becomes the protagonist of this film, giving dynamism to the love scenes. Everything seems to get complicated and the emotional tension tends to rise.

Dead poets society


A film starring the famous Roby Williams as a teacher manages to convey to his students more than just a true passion for poetry. The determination, strength of dreams and desire of the students of Middletown Private School take shape from the very beginning of the film which opens with the sketch of the beginning of the school year as autumn also takes centre stage.

Good Will Hungtin


The film takes us to the city of Boston, where autumn is absolutely beautiful. In this film the scenes shot in autumn are not many, but all magical in their own way. And Boston is a city of many spectacular places, if we think only of those places surrounding Havard University.


rush-biggWes Anderson’s comedy isn’t for everyone, but it’s interesting during the fall season  and during a whole semester when the director tries to use the effects of seasonal changes and temperatures to give a sense of mood to the main protagonist. One of the unforgettable scenes of the fall is Halloween.

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