The most famous erotic movies

Every relationship sometimes needs a little push or creativity to keep it from falling prey to monotony. Most of the time the lure of a relationship leads to infidelity in a couple. What do you do when you feel that something is not working and your relationship is a bit ‘numb’? Maybe it would help to watch a film together to awaken the sex drive and passion between you. So here’s a list of erotic films you should definitely watch with your boyfriend, girlfriend or husband, and after watching you can talk openly about what you liked and what you could try to stimulate your sex life.

1. 9 1/2 weeks-  1986

9 saptamani jumate

It is one of the most beautiful erotic films. You’ve definitely seen it, and if you haven’t then you really must see it. Jhon and Elisabetha, the main characters, meet by chance and like each other, and there is a very strong attraction between them and from there begins the erotic adventure that will last 9 and a half weeks. It’s a highly praised film especially for the sensual-erotic scenes, and the song  You Can Leave Your Hat On by Joe Cocker immediately captivated the audience.

2. The ages of Lulu -1990


Based on the novel by Almudena Grandes, the film tells the story of Lulu, a teenage girl troubled by sex. Later she marries Pablo, a man much older than her, love becomes an obsession to give herself at any cost and in any way. At some point, their relationship widens  with Ely, a transvestite, and the experiences for Lulu become more and more tempting and make her want more  extreme emotions and sensations.

3. The lover  1992


A film based on the autobiographical novel by Marguerite Duras. The film tells the story of a sexual relationship between a French woman and a Chinese man. She is a 15-year-old minor, a student at a girls’ school, from a poor family, while he is 30 and very rich. A story  with very passionate and emotional love scenes, but also with an overwhelming ending.

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4.Like water for chocolate by Alfonso Arau- 1992


Pedro and Tita are made for each other just like water for chocolate. But when Pedro, madly in love with Tita, asks her to marry him, her mother resists. After this blow, Pedro marries Tita’s sister just to be with her, the one he loves dearly. Their impossible love affair withstands many obstacles. And throughout, the sexual tension is very exciting.

5. Eyes wide shut by Stanley Kubrick- – 1999


The eyes are the central element of this Kubrick masterpiece. The eyes can be the eyes of the characters, the eyes of the director, the eyes of the viewers, or in general, the eyes of the virtual and human mind.The film’s protagonists are a very wealthy New York couple: Alice, a wonderful mother of a seven-year-old girl, a former art gallery owner, and Bill, a former doctor. Everything seems perfect, until Alice confesses her hidden fantasies to Bill. From there her husband goes into crisis and sets off in search of absurd sensations and experiences. He ends up participating in the greatest collective orgies.

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