Love movies to watch together on Valentine’s Day

I haven’t forgotten that tomorrow is Dragobetele, the Romanian holiday of love. On this occasion, young people can send each other the most beautiful love messages, make the most beautiful love declarations swearing their eternal love or simply watch a good love movie together. So, at this special time for lovers, we couldn’t ignore the most beautiful love stories in the world of cinema. Here’s a list of love movies where you can discover the most romantic love scenes that have touched the whole world.

Brief Encounter (1945)


The 10 most beautiful love movies of all time

It’s a romantic drama with an interesting storyline. A love story of two young people going through a difficult time, and she, Clementine, the protagonist of this film, decides to erase all her memories of her boyfriend. He is shocked, and this is the beginning of his adventure to erase his memories of his girlfriend. While trying to do this, he remembers all the beautiful moments between the two of them, why he fell in love with her and all the mistakes he made, so he decides to do his best to win her back. A successful film that should be watched as a couple, because there are many interesting things to learn about a couple relationship and the power of love.

The Age of Adaline / Adaline’s Secret


A slightly more recent film, released last spring, The Age of Adaline, was a hit with young people. It’s the story of a young woman, Adeline, who, after an accident, is kept alive by a magical moment that gives her the gift of eternal youth. Adeline stops ageing at the age of 29. But this destiny and this gift is not easy for Adeline, who is forced to run from place to place for decades, to run away from the men she loves. Until one day when she meets Ellis, and something changes. This is a very gripping film, a film full of history and charm. It remains for you to see what it’s all about and how Adeline’s story ends.

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