Ten fashion series worth watching

Are you passionate about fashion? Want to learn more about this exciting world? Here are a few series illustrating the world of fashion, with different clothing styles and glamorous locations, that  could inspire and guide you to discover your own style.


The newest series  about fashion, appears just in April 2017, signed by Netflix. Girlboss is a “comedy” based on the autobiography of millionaire Sophia Amoruso, who made her fortune a decade ago with her vintage fashion brand, Nasty Gal. They have since filed for bankruptcy. After Sophia Amorous wrote a book about her life, #girlboss,  now comes the  series with the same theme and may the same name. The show’s first season features 13 highly engaging episodes, starring actress  Britt Robertson, playing Sophia Amoroso who tells her story of how she rose through the ranks (from a street girl who  ate garbage to buying $700 minimum shoes). It’s a very motivational film with inspiring scenes about fighting and not giving up on your dreams, about hard work and ambition, about love and courage, etc. Check it out.

Best fashion films

Velvet (2014)

Velvet is a Spanish period drama that tells the love story of Alberto, heir to the Velvet Gallery, one of Spain’s most prestigious fashion stores in the late 1950s, and Ana, who grew up in the gallery and worked as a seamstress before becoming a renowned fashion designer. The action of the film begins with the atmosphere of Madrid in 1958, when Ana and Alberto meet again after several years when he was abroad studying. In addition to this beautiful love story, the film will win you over with its 60s and 70s style. It is a tasteful film, full of charm and elegance. It’s just missing the last part, part IV, which has been announced to be released at the end of June 2017. I can’t wait for it, to continue the story thread!


New Girl

If you like retro style then New Girl is the show for you. New Girl  is a show that hit the big time immediately, since the first season launched in 2011, just a few months later it had already received two Golden Globe nominations. With a fairly straightforward epic storyline, the show tells the story of  Jess (Zooey Deschanel),  who breaks up with her boyfriend after a long-term relationship and while looking for a place to move into, finds an apartment she has to share with three other guys, and a series of comical adventures ensue.



Girls (2012)

“Girls” is a kind of “Sex and the City” that replaces elegance with realism and uncomfortable humor. The comedy series follows the lifestyles of four teenage girls who have just moved to New York.

The Carrie Diaries (2012)

The Carrie Diaries is basically the story of teenage Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. The action in this series takes place in the 1980s, when Carrie was just 16 and a freshman in high school. Even then Carrie dreamed of becoming an editor at a fashion magazine, and when the opportunity arises she doesn’t think twice and moves to Manhattan. Then the epic thread of her 30s life story is told in Sex and the City.

Revenge (2011)

Revenge is a show I only got to see a few episodes of, then gave up because I ran out of time. But I liked it, it’s very stylish, with very well-dressed characters, fancy settings,  a world where money has a lot of power, but less honesty and sincerity. Revenge is a film inspired by Dumas’ masterpiece, The Count of Monte Cristo. I hope to get to see it head to tail one day, it has 89 episodes.

Mildred Price (2011)

Gossip Girl (2007)

Set in New York City, the city of all possibilities, where people are divided into rich and poor. Here we have the story of young teenagers, high school graduates, with a very stylish and fashionable style of dress, who experience their first love, but with the first butterflies in their stomachs come the first intrigues, confusion and tears.

8.Ugly Betty(2006)

It’s impossible not to have seen or heard of Ugly Betty. The story of Ugly Betty has many variations, and movies have been made based on the story.Ugly Betty is a 2006 American TV show directed by Silvio Horta, which originally aired on ABC from 2006 to 2010. It is adapted from the well-known Colombian soap opera Yo soy Betty by Fernando Gaitán. The epic thread of this story revolves around the character of Betty Suarez, who, despite her lack of style, gets a job at a prestigious fashion magazine, falls in love with her boss and as if for a happy ending Betty transforms and becomes the most stylish and beautiful lady in the editorial office.

Sex and the city

Who hasn’t heard of Sex and the City? A lifestyle series about the love lives of four friends in their 30s who are looking for love. It’s a very chic show, with protagonists who dress very fashionably, go to fancy nightclubs and talk without a curtain. The show is also considered sexually educational. The protagonists openly discuss their sexual desires and fantasies, and live a free and guilt-free life until they find their love and their chosen one.

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