Women’s Day: 5 movies about power women

Woman. Would the world still be a world without women? No. Because everything revolves around women, around this fragile being, without much physical strength, but with a lot of spiritual strength, creative strength, dominating strength and the strength to make the world more colourful. Woman, a word that expresses love, gentleness and sincerity, sensitivity, fragility, strength, smiles, tears, hope, compassion, understanding, adaptation, patience, humour, sadness,  stubbornness, submission,  attention,  generosity. Woman- mother, daughter, wife, grandmother, sister, lover, friend. How many tasks are attributed to woman and how rich she can be, just by the mere fact that she exists. This is why woman is praised by all the world’s great artists: woman is found in the thoughts of poets, woman is the muse of painters, photographers, woman is the main heroine of many film directors, and not only.

Having said that, I come with some film recommendations where the woman is in the foreground, the strong woman, the woman in all her aspects.Here, then, are five films dedicated to you, the woman.

Bread and rose


It is the story of a woman named Maya who illegally crosses the Mexican border into the U.S. Maya is energetic and determined, working as a cleaning lady in a building, becoming one of the illegal slaves in Latin America or Eastern countries, underpaid and lacking legal social rights. Until one day a trade union activist gives another dimension to reality, her only chance for a human life is organizing.



The film is the life story of Frida Kahlo. A story with love stories and unhappy endings. Frida lived a daring and uncompromising life, defying prejudice and revolutionising art, politics and sex life.

It’s a free world


Angie is fired from a recruitment agency after causing a public scandal. But she doesn’t give up and opens a new agency on her own. With the company’s own kitchen and a host of immigrants desperate to find work to support their families, Angie’s opportunity is a great one, especially as she has a good sense of what the job market needs.

Fashion movies every woman should see



It’s the story of Anne, a mother of two and an investigative journalist for Elle magazine, who is commissioned to write an article about student prostitutes. Her encounters with two young prostitutes,  Alicja and Charlotte, will touch Anne deeply and cause her to reflect deeply on her own beliefs about money, sex and family.

Sleeping Beauty


Lucy (Emily Browning) is the protagonist of this film. As a young student, to pay for her studies, Lucy becomes a little guinea pig for medical experiments, but she also ends up prostituting herself in various places, until she is offered a job in a mysterious mansion, where rich guests can indulge their pleasures in an erotic game called Sleeping Beauty. In this film you will discover a secret world of beauty and desire.

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