5 romantic comedies of 2015

The end of 2015 is almost here and as we are used to at the end of every year, lines are drawn and a balance is taken,  to enter the new year with a fresh start.

The balance is also drawn in cinema. Here are the top 5 romantic comedies of 2015 that I’ve seen and  recommend you see them too, if you don’t know them yet. The Christmas holiday can be the perfect time  to catch up!

1. The rewrite

The rewrite

It’s the story of an Oscar-winning Hollywood screenwriter who at some point hits a dead end in his life and decides to move to a smaller town where he can teach creative writing. He doesn’t like teaching very much, he does it out of obligation and finds that no one is interested in what he teaches. But one day a young single mother appears among the students, who watches his lectures with great interest and seems to change all his ideas. The professor will understand that life always gives you another chance.

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2. She’s Funny That Way

She’s Funny That Way

It’s the story of a lady-in-waiting named Isabella. An adventure with different clients who sympathize with this Isabella, but one will change her life.

Arnold Albertosn is a film director, Isabella doesn’t know about it. At the same time, she confesses that her dream is to become an actress, he offers her $30,000 to follow her dream, which surprises Isabella, but she accepts the money. But the real stunner is when she goes to audition for a lead role and finds herself with the director standing in front of her. The ending remains for you to discover if you watch the film.

3. Harding Ranger

Harding Ranger

How can people who have no friends to be their best man get married? No problem because Shimmy Cal lahan (Kevin Hart) has just that job, he is best man to all the groomsmen who pay him. The film is a comedy, with many unexpected events, that binds a close friendship between the groom and his fake best man.



It’s an American comedy about love, sex and a young journalist who lives her life by her own rules and principles, free and unencumbered, until she begins to fall in love with a young sports doctor.

5. Two Night Stand

Two Night Stand

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A romantic comedy about finding love in the digital age, it’s the story of two young people who meet online and spend a night together, but the next day find themselves stranded in their house because of a snowstorm. So the two have several hours to get to know each other and discover more secrets in their lives.




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