Three Romanian films expected in 2016

2016 will be a year rich in Romanian films. More than 20 new feature films have announced their release this year in cinemas… And as you’ve noticed in recent years, Romanian filmmakers are also surprising more and more with exceptional films. Most of this year’s productions are signed by directors who have won awards at various international festivals or who have simply enjoyed incredible success with audiences.

2016 will be a year rich in Romanian films.



A film directed by Marian Crișan, is scheduled to premiere on February 12. The film, based on Ioan Slavici’s novel “The Lucky Mill”, appears to be an adaptation of Romania today. It is the story of a couple, Lucian (András Hatházi) and Andra (Rodica Lazăr), who run a chalet in the Apuseni Mountains. Things get out of hand when suddenly Zoli (Bogdan Zsolt), a head of the illegal logging mafia, suddenly comes to the fore, but he controls the whole area, including the lodge.



After 2014’s #Selfie, director Cristina Iacob returns with #Selfie69, to be released on 13 May 2016. If the first part of the adventure was focused on the escapade of three friends before the baccalaureate, this time, Roxi, Yasmine and Ana have a different stake: Who gets married first in just three days?

Lie to me in the Old Town 2


Lie to me beautifully in the Old Town from 2012 directed by Iura Lunchesu has a sequel.  Filming finished in mid-October 2015 and the film will premiere on 1 April.  This time the protagonists of the film will be  Pavel Ulici, Nicoleta Hâncu, Aida Economu, Alex Unguru and Toni Zaharia, who will play actors who fall in love during rehearsals for the play  “The Game of Love and Chance” by Marivaux.




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