Merci Handy- Dry hair shampoo and mattifying wipes

Merci Handy is bringing dry hair shampoo and mattifying wipes to market. Are you curious to know what these new products are all about?

Merci Handy, the famous French brand that recently appeared in Italy in Sephora perfumery, is launching this month a product dedicated to the hair, but also a product for the care of the T-zone of the face. Let’s find out what it’s all about.

Merci Handy brand

I’ve talked about Merci Handy brand in other articles, I use several products from them and I really like their fragrances as well as the effect left after application.

I remind you that the Merci Handy brand appeared in France in 2014 and is based on a very interesting philosophy: to reinvent and modernize some personal hygiene products that we use everyday.

The first product launched by this brand was Merci Handy hand cleanser and gel, a product that we all use every day, but that Merci Handy has updated and made look nicer and easier to use. The secret of this product is that it not only disinfects and cleans hands, but also leaves them soft and fragrant.

Since then, the brand has achieved considerable success, which has led to the integration of the line dedicated to oral hygiene: toothpaste and treatments for cleaning and refreshing the oral cavity are extremely effective.

And this time, Merci Handy is reinventing dry hair shampoo and mattifying wipes.


Have you ever heard of a shampoo that can be applied to dry hair? Honestly, I’ve never heard of or used anything like this before. But, Merci Handy once again wows us with their new invention: a shampoo that will get you through those mornings when your hair doesn’t want to stay in place at all. It happens to you too that even if you’ve just washed your hair, after a short while, it again looks messy and lacking volume…So in case of emergencies we apply hair gel or hairspray, just to somehow get it to the shape we want and look decent. But that’s no longer the case with Merci Handy dry shampoo, which is now available in Italy in three very sweet flavours: Flower Power, Hello Sunshine and Namaste.

The three scents are designed, respectively, to make us experience the beauty of a bouquet of flowers, a free holiday and a sweet hug from a mother. Thanks to its power to absorb and remove sebum, with this shampoo hair is immediately cleansed and gains volume. The price of this product is only €4.90!


Merci Handy opaque wipes are considered the cutest and most colorful opaque wipes available on the market today because of their packaging. For these wipes Merci Handy has kept the flavours of the three shampoos for dry hair. As for the price of a box of wipes it is 5,90 and includes 50 pieces plus mirror and sponge. Everything you need to combat shine in the T-zone of your face!


#productofferfromMerciHandyItaly Hi guys. I want to introduce you to the new @mercihandy brand products: the dry shampoo and the mattifying wipe. These products are great for summer and for hot days, the wipes dry excess sebum and make the skin even while the dry shampoo is used on dry hair that then combed and become shiny like after a normal shampoo. Isn’t it great? Products available in three versions HELLO SUNSHINE- jasmine extracts FLOWER POWER- rose extracts NAMASTE- manilla canapé layers I love the aroma of FLOWER POWER If you want to buy them, you can find them in Sephora stores or on #OctolyFamily #beautybloggers #mercihandy #shampoosecco #base #beautiful #beauty #cosmetic #cosmetics #eye brows #eyeliner #eyeshadow #fashion #foundation #instamakeup #lash #lashes #lip #lips #lipstick #makeup #makeupbyme #mascara #palettes

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