MAYBELLINE: Super Stay Matte Inn, all-day long lipsticks

Lipstick, lipstick and more lipstick. Even though I have a bunch of lipsticks, I always like to try something new. I got the bug earlier this year that I wanted a lipstick that would last a whole day on my lips.

Someone recommended a lipstick from Kiko that lasts for several hours on the lips and doesn’t smudge too easily. I chose a gorgeous deep red, only I wasn’t happy with the staying power of that lipstick. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted…Yes, it lasted a long time on the lips, but it was losing its intensity and initial effect anyway….The colour was rubbing off a bit and leaving fingerprints on the water glass, napkin etc…And little by little, the lipstick was losing its original tone… and so, anyway, it had to be refreshed several times a day.

Givenchy: Le Rouge Liquide with cushion applicator

By summer I discovered the new lipsticks: Super Stay Matte Ink, a new collection of lipsticks by Maybeliline, which promises 16 hours of wear on the lips with an ultra matte finish.  I was curious about these lipsticks too, after seeing their advertisement and thought why not test them.

Surely you already know the brand Maybelline. It is an internationally known brand with superb quality products. This summer Maybelline launched a new line of lipsticks available in 9 shades that try to satisfy all customers.

Maybelline’s Super Stay Matte Ink lipsticks feature a high level of pigmentation, a long-lasting seal, and are easy to apply for a gorgeous matte finish. And from my own experience I can tell you that these are the perfect all-day lipsticks.

I don’t know if it really lasts up to 16 hours, because I haven’t had the opportunity to wear lipstick that long, but up to 8 hours as long as a working day, I can assure you that the lipstick stays intact from the moment you apply it until you remove your makeup.

Clinique: Lip Colour Pop Lipstick 07 Passion Pop

As for the packaging of these lipsticks, it is very simple and practical: a 5 ml tube whose outer colour represents the shade inside. This makes it very easy to choose the shade you want. (You know those times when we happen to have about 3/4 lipsticks in our bag and each time we have to take them all out, take the cap off and see the colour we need. So with a packaging of the new Maybelline lipsticks we can save a lot of time. )

The applicator of these lipsticks have pointed tips to help us contour our lips perfectly.

The colours are very pigmented, especially the darker shades. It only takes one application to achieve a very intense and homogeneous colour.Initially, the colour is liquid, but in 20-30 seconds it dries and gives an incredibly matte effect! Once the lipstick has dried, you can take your mind off of having tinted lips, because the lipstick is non-fading!

With Maybeline lipsticks you can eat, drink, wipe your mouth, make out with your boyfriend and the lipstick won’t streak or fade. The only way to remove this type of lipstick from your lips is with a makeup remover.Amazing, don’t you think? And I was really surprised when I tested them for the first time!  I recommend using an oil-based makeup remover for the easiest removal of this lipstick.

If you want to buy these lipsticks yourself, you can find them on AMAZON. Prices vary, starting at €9.99 and going up to €30. On Amazon Maybelline lipsticks are available in eight shades: 05 Loyalist, 15 Lover, 20 Pioneer, 25 Heroine, 33 Creator, 45 Escapist, 50 Voyager, 30 Romantic.

Among the best-selling colours is number 15, Lover.

What do you think? Have you already tested these lipsticks? What features should your perfect lipstick contain?




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