FGM04- How to get rid of cellulite in just 4 weeks

How do you get rid of cellulite?

It’s a question many women ask themselves from a certain age onwards. Some of you have asked me if I know of any anti-cellulite products or what products in this category I have tested.

Approximately 95% of women, aged 25 and over, have at least a hint of cellulite. Even some fit women who have a small percentage of fat have cellulite, at a more or less visible stage. Many of them are bothered by this and look for plans of attack to solve the problem, others, on the other hand, give up on shorts or short dresses because they feel embarrassed, but don’t even bother to take action.

Here I want to reveal four simple steps how you can reduce cellulite imperfections in no time.

First of all, you must be aware that miracles are created only by a magic wand, but in this case, in order to have results, we must put a minimum of effort. And here I am referring to a plan of attack that will surely bring the desired results. It all starts with a positive attitude for a healthy lifestyle.

So but, have faith and you won’t be disappointed!

Effort n1: Drink 2 litres of water a day to remove excess fluids and moisturise the skin.

Water is very important for our organism, but there are some people among whom I must admit I can’t drink water. Very often I forget to drink water, until one day I ended up in the emergency room because of dehydration my body was no longer functioning. I felt so sick and I didn’t know why. With two punctures, they got me back on my feet and sent me home, but since then I haven’t forgotten this experience nor the words of the doctor on duty, who as soon as he saw me said, “You don’t drink water!” And when I told him that I sometimes forget to drink water, his advice was: “Set an alarm on your phone every hour and force yourself to drink as much water as you can!” And I had the alarm on my phone for about 3 months in a row until I got used to drinking water, and I haven’t gotten sick since.

Effort #2: Play sports

Constant physical activity does not produce lactic acid production, the enemy of our cellulite. Our bodies need light but long activities that stimulate the circulatory system, such as swimming or walking!

(I’m not great at this either, but I’ve been making an effort to work out for a few years now. A lot of the time it gets really hard…something always comes up to stop me getting to the gym. Instead, I do a lot of walking, cycling and I have made it a point at least once a week to run or do gymnastics indoors (especially in winter when it’s too cold to go for a run).

Effort #3: Avoid salty foods and sweets

To keep fit you have to be very careful about what you eat. And not just careful for a short period of time, but make it a healthy lifestyle. Both sugar and salt make cellulite more visible. What’s more, sugar stays stored in fat cells and causes them to expand. So always remember that excess sweets are not good for you, and neither is salt… It is important to moderate your diet and get used to neither too sweet nor too salty.

Effort no.4: Massage and anti-cellulite creams

Massage is important to combat cellulite, it helps to stimulate blood circulation and speeds up the metabolic process. Mud has the same effect, which after application will leave your skin smoother and the area affected by cellulite will gradually become less visible.


Mint essential oil mud 

A few weeks ago, you may have seen on Instagram that I received a package of some of their products from FGM04 to test, including this mint-flavored mud.

Honestly, I’ve never used mud before and didn’t take it too seriously at first, but since I got it, I thought let’s do this one. This peppermint scented mud is not an easy job, you apply it, you have to wrap yourself in a film, and cover yourself well, and only then sit on the couch in front of the TV 😀 and wait about 30 minutes, then shower.


Adipe Ko- fight against belly or thigh fat

On application, this mud feels very cool on the skin, but after about 5 minutes it starts to work and you feel like you’re on fire. On the other hand, if you can stand it for about 30 minutes, after showering, you will feel the skin feeling very smooth and soft. This mud with peppermint essential oil has powerful draining and firming properties. Used regularly on the thighs and buttocks, it helps reduce imperfections caused by cellulite and has a draining effect. Natural mud of mineral origin, contains no algae. Does not interfere with the thyroid.

If mud is a product that is as expensive as it is demanding to apply (I used to use it once every two weeks), another product proposed by FGM04 is Adipe KO, a gel that can be applied twice a day: if you do sport then before and after sport, if not you can apply it morning and evening.


MAYBELLINE: Super Stay Matte Inn, the long-wearing lipsticks on the whole

Applied to the skin, Adipe KO gel helps to counteract imperfections caused by the accumulation of more difficult to remove fat, often present in the abdomen, hip and thigh areas. The shelf life of one bottle of ADIPE KO is about one month, applied twice a day with circular massages until absorbed. Absorbs very easily. Please note that after application, there may be a slight reddening and tingling sensation in the area where the product has been applied, but these are completely normal sensations due to the action of the active substances.


Re-activate microcirculation with the Frida bodysuit or Leggins 

Also from FGM04 we received two Frida bodysuits and a figure shaping leggings.

FRIDA Bodies help improve skin tone and smoothness by changing the circumference of the abdomen, hips and buttocks. Made with a fabric called EMANA. Clinically tested, EMANA is considered a Solvay 6.6 polyamide smart fabric with infrared technology that converts human body heat into skincare benefits. Thanks to the bioactive minerals incorporated in the yarn, Emana absorbs body heat and emits infrared rays. This patented process allows for an action that does not fade over time, even after numerous washes.

And from my own experience I can tell you, these bodysuits and leggings are gorgeous and the warmest I’ve had in my closet so far: First of all they shape your body very well, they are very comfortable to wear anytime, not only during sports; Secondly, the bodysuits, the Frida leggings, help to  reduce imperfections caused by cellulite and re-activate microcirculation.


EMANA anti-cellulite leggings

And as I said above, I’ve washed them about 10 times already, and they look like new. I loved this look, compared to other leggings or bodysuits. The quality of these garments is very important, especially when they are used to work out, and after every workout they are thrown in the wash.  And like any garment, the more often it is used the faster it wears out, which is not the case with products made from EMANA material. And because I really liked it, from the website www-fgm04.com I bought another pair of leggings, especially since they had some great discounts during the winter holidays.In the pictures you can see the products received from them. I would like to point out  once again that on the blog I only review products that I have tested on my own skin and that I liked, the opinion is mine, and if you have any questions or other opinions about these products, feel free to comment here or find me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.



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