Estée Lauder: Revitalizing Supreme Eye Gelee

Do you wonder how celebrities manage to look flawless, even during times when they are touring, performing and perhaps getting very little sleep? Eating right, exercising is important, but quality cosmetics work wonders sometimes too. I told you in a recent article about the famous Estée Lauder brand and their products, I’m going back to this brand again and introducing a new product from their range.


Illuminator:Revitalizing Supreme+Global Anti-Aging Cell Powder Eye Gelee

Estée Lauder has created Revitalizing Supreme Eye Gel – a skincare product with proven anti-wrinkle action. And not only that: it revitalises the skin around the eyes and gives a brightening effect. It also works on those mornings when you’ve had too little sleep. Kept refrigerated, the cool applicator in combination with the product formula makes dark circles disappear like magic.

 Linia Supreme was designed for strong women, accomplished women with their own strengths and ambitions, who enjoy sharing the secret with others to cope with everyday life. A secret that every day motivates them to become more ambitious and exceed their daily expectations. It’s about determined women who achieve not only through work, but more importantly through their own inner ambitions and passions.


Rivattalizing Supreme Eye Gel is a multi-action anti-fog treatment visibly improves firmness and reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes. Reduces the appearance of dark circles.   

How to use

Use morning and evening. Press on the packet to release the product, then massage into the eye area with the gold applicator. Before the first use, I suggest preparing the applicator by gently pressing along one side until the product comes out.

 Where to buy it and how much it costs

Revitalizing Supreme Eye Gel can be found on the brand’s official website for €63.00. But you can also find it in Sephora stores.



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