Givenchy: Le Rouge Liquide cu aplicator cushion

BLuxury brand Givenchy surprises everyone with the launch of a truly unique lipstick collection:  12 semi-opaque and shimmery lipsticks with cushion flocked applicator, which I want to talk about in this article.

The lipsticks in the Le Rouge Liquide collection are intense, comfortable and characterised by a special semi-matte finish.

You already know that I have a particular weakness for lipsticks, and from the Givenchy brand #LEROUGELIQUIDE are a real craze this summer. I have already tested one of these new lipsticks, and in this review I want to present you the features of this product and my personal opinion.

LE ROUGE LIQUIDE: GIVENCHY cushion liquid lipsticks

The new Givenchy lipstick collection was launched this summer in Italy. I don’t know if these lipsticks have arrived in Romania or the Republic of Moldova, but many international cosmetics stores already have it on sale. So on the internet it’s not hard to find it if you want to buy it.

The new liquid lipstick line “Le Rouge Liquide” tries to combine comfort, hydration and intense, opaque shades. All the new lipsticks  are united by a highly innovative formula that offers a high concentration of pure pigments that ensure immediate colour release and even coverage.

Also present is a combination of agents that protect the lips by deeply moisturising them and further increasing the smoothness of the texture which remains supple and creamy.

Givenchy combines a wide range of colours with refined luxury steel packaging and natural leather details, making each lipstick a true accessory for ready-to-wear beauty.

Another superb feature of these lipsticks is the flocked cushion applicator that makes it easy to stretch the texture. A simple click allows you to load the product and apply the lipstick.

Here are all the shades of the new Givenchy liquid lipsticks.


Givenchy has chosen 12 vibrant shades for the new collection Le Rouge Liquide with a creamy, comfortable texture and semi-matte finish.

Here you can see all the shades offered by Givenchy, from nude to coral, from red to cherry, not forgetting elegant fuchsia and intense rosé:

Where to buy the new Givenchy lipsticks and how much they cost

All the new Le Rouge Liquide liquid lipsticks by Givenchy are already available in Sephora stores or on the  website for €31.99 each.

These lipsticks have a truly original concept. What do you think?Do you like these new Givenchy lipsticks? Have you already chosen your favourite shade? I’m waiting for your opinion.

Here’s the shade I tried….101 Nude Cashmere




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