My Jolie Candle: scented candles and silver jewellery with Swarovski stones

Are you looking for a gift for mom, for an aunt, for a friend and don’t know what to choose? Here’s today’s article to inspire you in choosing a gorgeous gift too. A scented gift, bright, but also with a nice surprise inside: we are talking about scented candles with a silver jewel and Swarovski stones, brand My Jolie Canle

And this time we are talking about a French brand, which recently launched on the Italian market and conquered with its inventive idea of “candle-jewellery” product. So basically, you get two products for the price of one, plus the excitement it creates when you receive such a product as a gift.

As you can see from the pictures, the candle has a very beautiful and elegant packaging format, being a very delicate and stylish product. What I can’t get you to feel is the fragrance, a very aromatic and strong scent that will perfume your whole house and the scent will still linger long after the candle is extinguished.

Thank you Handy, hand cleaners and Flower Power

In addition to the packaging, the fragrance, My Jolie Candle candles are rightly considered a jewel, because inside you can discover a real jewel in silver and Swarovski® crystals.

If you’re lucky, you can discover inside this candle a jewel even in white gold, struck with genuine diamonds, which can be worth between 250 and 1000 euros. It’s gorgeous isn’t it?

My Jolie Candle candles weigh 330 grams and are cast in a lacquered glass beaker. What’s gorgeous is that the glasses can be used even after the candle has burnt out.

Ring, bracelet, necklace or a ring….. On the website you can find quite a wide range of fragrances and the kind of jewellery you’d like to discover inside, except you can’t see the jewellery until the candle has burned. For example choose the ring candle, on the website you have a sample of rings that are hidden inside these candles that hold rings, you just can’t know what the ring found in your candle will look like. In the case of the rings there is only the option to choose just their size.

The candles are packaged in a box with a flower-shaped opening that immediately wins you over.

The wax from which the candle is made is 100% vegetable. The wick is made of cotton which ensures non-toxicity and a better burning, for about 70 hours.

So far I have had three My Jolie Candle brand candles and I guarantee you that it is always a thrill when the courier brings me this candle, even if I know the type of jewelry I have chosen, I continue to be excited until I also discover how that jewelry looks like.

Candle-ring candle | Bergamotto

This is the first candle I received and it was the best surprise….The sweet scent of this fruit makes you think of a “British tea”. I remember waiting about 4 nights in a row until after midnight to discover the surprise. It was very pleasant. You can see the ring below.

Lightning-Ring | Hazelnut Cupcake

The smell of a freshly baked cupcake…how can you not fall in love with something like this? This candle I made as a gift, and the surprise was huge, so I think it’s a really great gift.


Lancer Candle | Pina ColadaT

This candle has an exotic essence…who doesn’t love pineapple juice or cocktails combined with this fruit…The scent of this candle will take you back to summer nights, the sea with palm trees and a refreshing pineapple cocktail. Below you can see my surprise necklace from this candle.

Candle-wax| Vaniglia – Waiting…

Two days ago I ordered another candle with a new fragrance and I can’t wait to receive it. I mention that shipping is very fast, about 3-4 working days. This time I chose a pair of earrings, so I can complete my MY Jolie Candle jewelry set. I am missing a bracelet and I am the happiest. 😀

If you’re interested in buying these candles, you can buy them here too….





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