BLACK MASK: What is it and how do you use it?

BLACK MASK Have you probably already heard of the famous anti-blackhead maca? Lately the internet has been going crazy advertising this black mask that eliminates blackheads. Basically this mask has become a widespread trend in the beauty world. But does it really help? Is it even that in the advertisements on Facebook, Instagram? These are questions we all ask ourselves when we see those ads! I asked myself these questions, and because I was so curious I wanted to try it myself and then tell you about it!

There are many versions of black masks! There are several cosmetic companies that have rushed to produce this mask and put it on the market. I couldn’t say which is better and which is less good, as I would need more time and to test a bit of each, but I want to talk to you in general about this black mask and show you what I used.

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The idea behind this product is that of a black mask, which probably contains a “miracle” black ingredient. What could create this “magical” and intriguing colour? Could it be carbon? For example, plant carbon is known to have beneficial properties for the skin, such as absorbing sebum and purifying the skin. Or Aleppo soap, based on black olives, known to purify and contrast pimples and acne properties.

In short, there are several black ingredients, all capable of purifying the skin naturally and effectively. But it often happens that instead of these natural elements, a good dose of black dye is added to the base of these masks. And we consumers are just lied to.

Of the ones I’ve tried, the ELFINA mask actually contains charcoal, revealing a purifying mask that removes dead skin cells and leaves skin smoother. But does it really remove blackheads as it looks in online ads?

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I was also seduced by the black mask trend, so I bought one to try and see the effect on my skin. The features of this mask, apart from removing blackheads, are that it removes fine hair from the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. And to answer your question, the black mask does, indeed, clean the surface of the skin. It removes impurities and leaves your complexion very clean. But honestly, I’ve also achieved this effect using other products, maybe something simpler to use, than a mask of this kind which wastes a lot of time. Plus it’s not advisable to use it very often, so once every two weeks is ok, but not more often. And the effect of this mask, like any other beauty product is not long lasting. In two days the magic wears off and you’ll be looking for something new to cleanse without.

How to apply the Black Mask?

First wash the face, then with a warm towel massage the face for 4-5 minutes to open all pores. Then apply a quantity of solution. Not too much to be too thick, but not too thin either, otherwise it will hard to peel off. It is important to avoid contact with eyes, lips and eyebrows . Wait about 15-20 minutes for it to dry. Then remove the mask starting from the bottom up, i.e. peel off at the chin and slowly work your way up to the forehead. After removing the surface of the mask, rinse the face with lukewarm water and apply a cream.

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