How do you choose the right fragrance for your skin? 5 useful tips

 Want to know how to find the right fragrance for you? I give you five tips to easily identify the fragrance scent that matches your skin’s natural smell!

Maybe for many of you it seems a small thing to choose a perfume,  maybe some of you will think “what’s the big deal to choose a perfume? I go into the shop, smell them all and find something I like”. Ok. But how well informed are you about everything from perfumes, fragrances, flavours, quality and prices. Or how well you know your skin to know that the fragrance you choose matches your personality and blends harmoniously with the natural smell of your skin! Believe me, buying a perfume is not that easy and rather than throwing your money away on anything, better stick to the natural scent:water and soap.

I knew many faces, women obsessed with perfumes, who had a collection of 20/30 perfumes, whenever they had the opportunity and saw a perfumery they bought something new. Just because they heard about that perfume from a friend, or because her friend has it and is really cool  and wants to have it too! Keep it moist: Not everything your friend has that looks good on her fits you too!

How to take care of your body skin

This seems to me very absurd! Why buy dozens of perfumes, some more expensive, some cheaper, and of which you only use one, maximum two anyway? Or some of them won’t match at all!

Each person has their own body chemistry, which depends on their hormone levels, health or skin pH. What you need to know is that perfume mixes with your body’s natural smell and forms a chemical reaction that results in a pleasant, neutral or even unpleasant aroma.

Before I talk to you about perfumes I want to give you some personal advice. Before jumping into the avalanche of perfumes that are on the market, inform yourself well about what scents would suit you, consult a specialist, consider what he recommends, then after you have some information about what you should go for, then go into a perfumery and ask directly for what interests you. Either way you’ll find that there are many perfumes with the characteristics you’re looking for, but either way you’ll have a chance to find what suits you and what you like more quickly. Buy yourself a perfume once a year, but do it right. A perfume chosen well and used sparingly, as the experts advise, can last a long time. Rather than buying lots of perfume very often, choose to invest in a quality fragrance once a year. And make it worth every penny.

What you need to know when you want to buy a perfume

1. Scented essences

In a perfume shop it’s easy to lose control in front of the dozens of bottles of perfume on the shelves. The temptation is to sniff them all to figure out what kind of fragrance goes well with your skin’s natural scent.

Before proceeding to the choice of perfume, however, you should know the distinction between the different fragrance formulas, which subsequently also determine the price of a perfume. For example, the actual essence of perfume has a percentage that varies between 20 and 50%,  eau de parfum  from 10-50%, eau de toilette ( l’eau de toilette) between 3 and 8%, while cologne has 3%.

The higher the percentage of essence, the greater the smell and the intensity of the smell.

2. How to smell perfume

Specialists teach us that there are three ways to smell a perfume, after three attempts, our nose can no longer perceive and distinguish perfumes. So when you are in a perfumery it is good to be advised by an expert, most of the time saleswomen in this sector are trained and trained in this field so you can ask them for help, then it is good to feel the aroma of a perfume directly on the skin, because when the perfume comes into contact with our skin, the aroma changes.

Before buying a perfume it would also be necessary to wait at least an hour. This is the time needed to understand well the smell of the perfume in contact with the skin! A hasty purchase could, in fact, turn out to be a big disappointment.

3. Types of perfume

The aromas we perceive after spraying manifest themselves differently and are referred to by experts as ‘head’, ‘heart’ and ‘background’.

The “head” are those aromatic notes felt immediately after spraying, the “heart” notes appear after about 10 minutes, while the “background” are the deepest aromatic notes and remain until the fragrance is completely gone.

A true fragrance with a high percentage of essence, there will necessarily be all the background flagrancy. In  eau de parfum ( eau de parfum), the heart notes appear particularly, in eau de toilette (l’eau de toilet) it favours particularly the aromatic notes of the “head” with a less intense scent, while eau de cologne leaves a scent that disappears within half an hour.

4. The best method

The points of the body where the fragrance of a perfume is best felt are: the neck, the pulses, behind the ears, at the arm joints. But don’t overdo the intensity – it’s best not to exceed 3 sprays per side.

5. How to keep a perfume for a longer time

After purchase, the perfume should be stored in a dry place, not in the bathroom. I know a lot of people do this, but it’s wrong. As well as the fact that a perfume does not keep at very high temperatures. So look for a suitable temperature.

The shelf life of a fragrance is 2-5 years, although some fragrances tend to flatten out over time. Once the bottle is opened, the fragrance remains effective for years, even though the colour of the fragrance may visibly change.

Dahlia Divin, fragrance of the moment

I want to introduce you to the perfume of the moment, a perfume that immediately won me over and I said: yes, this perfume is mine, I find myself with the smell of this perfume and even if it cost me a little more than other perfumes I have bought lately, I really think it is worth it.

Dahlia Divin is the latest fragrance in the Grivenchy collection, released just this year. It is a sensual fragrance, a fragrance dedicated to goddess women, i.e. women who are strong and at the same time fine, elegant, women who love life and enjoy every moment to the fullest. Dahlia Divin by Givenchy is a sweet, intoxicating fragrance with a mix of berry scent. It is a very discreet, elegant yet imposing fragrance.

This fragrance lingers very long on my skin but also on my clothes, at least for me it lasts a whole day, it creates a feeling of well-being, elegance and simplicity.

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