Moisturising cream with retinol. Here’s what I tried recently…

One ritual I can’t do without is going to sleep without putting a cream on my face.

I can’t remember when I first started using face creams and all sorts of beauty products. I think somewhere in my teens, I was about 12-13 years old when I started sneaking in my mom’s products. Then I remember getting my first face cream as a gift. Ah, how happy I was. It was a Nivea cream and it came from Italy. I loved its effect. I still see it on Beauty shop shelves now, but unfortunately it no longer suits my skin and age. Gradually I’ve tried all sorts of products, but some always stick with me and I can’t live without them!

I’ve always loved using and experimenting with all kinds of products. And not just any products. I love products that are as natural as possible.  Even if they are more expensive, I prefer to pay more, but know that it’s really worth it.

I’m still a little closer to 30 and even if in some ways I don’t recognize this age, in other ways I’m starting to have some problems, to take this new stage of life seriously.

Even though spiritually I feel like I would have stayed in my 20s and 22s while my skin gets more and more wrinkles. Especially the most obvious ones are on my face. In addition to expressive marks, wrinkles are starting to appear.

                                                                Luvenesco Brand 


So what do you do when you’re approaching 30 and discover wrinkles on your face?

First of all, we have to accept our age and take our status seriously. But if we know that there are solutions to help us slow down the anti-aging effects. Why not use them?

I recently discovered a new face cream and the effects are incredible! I saw the results immediately after one day, i.e. two applications: one in the morning and one in the evening!

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Luvenesco moisturising cream. It is a cream suitable for men as well as women, with powerful anti-oxidant properties to firm and increase skin elasticity.

This cream is made with Retinol. Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and is considered the most powerful anti-aging ingredient, as it helps retexturize the skin, reduces wrinkles, depigments blemishes and stimulates collagen production.

In addition to retinol there is a powerful combination of vitamin E, B5, Jojoba oil and Shea Butter.

Compared to other creams, Luvenesco Moisturising Cream gets into the skin very quickly. Practically immediately after application the face feels dry and at the same time moisturised, the skin much smoother and softer.

As you already know from a previous article, moisture is the secret to a youthful complexion. The deeper the skin hydration, the more elastic the skin will be and thus avoid ageing. So it is very important what creams we use. This cream has a deep hydration that lasts up to 12 hours. So it is very suitable to be used day and night.

It’s a UK-made cream that I bought at a great price on Amazon. (See HERE)

I liked it as it met all the characteristics I was looking for, after reading several reviews of creams that would suit my complexion. So I said let’s give it a try! And because I liked it and I’m happy with the effect, I’m happy to recommend this moisturiser to you too.



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