Fall in love with yourself and…Orange

It’s not a casual title, because the orange color is the symbol of internal harmony, creativity and sensuality, the symbol of self-confidence and the confidence in others. Orange also means understanding, wisdom, equilibrium and ambition. This color is many times associated with the healthy state of our body. At the same time, orange sets you free from any depressive symptoms, by increasing the capacity of response to the life’s confrontations, more receptively, faster and more efficient. A symbol by excellency of fertility, the orange color stimulates blood circulation and the vitality to the sexual organs of men and women, promoting fertility.

And since I have spoken about the significance of the orange color, I would like to tell you that I hopelessly fell in love with it, because first, I fell in love with myself, with good and bad, then with people… I fell in love with places and new activities… then I fell in love with him, with all the sensations that I had forgotten and the new ones that he makes me discover every time. I have realized that now that I saw the pictures of this article, how much ecstasy of craziness there is on my face. I can say that approximatively for the last year, there were so many things that happened to me, that I can hardly realize what really happened to me. There are only moments when I stop and reflect and in a moment like this, I realized that in life you don’t walk, but simply run if you really want to reach for your dreams.

The time runs fast, you have to run twice faster than it.

Never look back, otherwise you risk to stumble. One day I missed my childhood, and I would have stopped myself to remember those times, how it was and what I used to do back then. But then, I instantly shook myself and said to myself that I was no longer there, that I was here and now, and I had to guide my steps for now and also to schedule the ones for tomorrow.

The thought about the past bring some other thoughts and questions. If we stop and think too much of how it was and how it would have been… we risk to make an addition and fall into a depression and that would cut off all the energy to achieve our goals in life… etc.

The number one rule in life is: Fall in love with yourself. Maybe some would say that is a selfish act. No. It’s not a selfish act towards anybody, and if everybody fell in love with them correctly, nobody would feel ignored and betrayed anymore, and there would be no egoism. To fall in love with yourself is the greatest step you can do to start living, to get in contact with other people, to fall in love with people, and find your soul mate. The spiritual balance and the harmony in our soul, are the keys of success of the inner world and the one around us. Be thankful with what you have and do everything you can, but all the time look forward to be able to do something more. Everything you do, do it for yourself, for your needs and your pleasure, not because that is the way your neighbor does it or the world say it is right. Never look at your neighbor’s garden because while you stop looking there, he will do his job and go forward. Don’t have expectations from anybody and nobody will have expectations from you. The people must be loved for what they are, and not for what they give you or what we would like from them. These are basic rules, you heard them for sure in the past, in some other contexts, only they are a bit difficult to follow. All I can say, is that since I have enclosed them in my life, I simply feel fulfilled.

This is what I wish you all, smiles and sun rays.






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