Office outfit: High-waisted pencil-shaped skirt

Because the spring has already come, why don’t we begin to wear skirts and dresses, a bit more? I know that many women prefer to simplify things as much as possible, preferring a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or simply a pair of leggings, that can be matched so easily, comparing to wearing a high-waisted, pencil shaped skirt. As I am concerned, I’ve discovered that it’s not so difficult to wear one, and still, once you get used to wearing it, it feels quite cozy.

If you decide to learn to wear skirts and dresses, your personal look will have the chance to gain more elegance and femininity. My look in this post is an elegant one, here we talk about an office outfit. But besides my look that you see in the pictures below, I’d like to talk to you a bit more about how you should wear a high-waisted, pencil-shaped skirt.


First of all, when you want to buy a pencil-shaped skirt, you should choose a model that is suitable for your body and for the events that you want to wear it. If you need such skirt for the office, then black and blue are the right colors, but on the other hand, if you need a pencil skirt for a simple, ordinary day out or for a more special soiree, then you should try more vivid colors, or flourished pencil-shaped skirts, with stripes or geometrical figures.

Secondly, it depends greatly on the body shape you have. The main advantage that the high-waisted, pencil-shaped skirt may give you is that it can hide the belly imperfection you might have, it’s just that you need to pick up of the right fabric. There are elastic pencil skirts that can lay perfectly on any waist, they are specially created to gently squeeze and form a perfect waist, hiding the imperfections of some areas of the body, or there are the pencil-shaped skirts of leather or cotton, a little bit tougher fabrics that can lay only on a perfect waist. Then again, if you want to look having a slimmer waist, you should definitely choose the black color.


You can wear it with an elegant shirt inside, especially to highlight the waist, but it does not exclude the possibility to be worn with a blouse or a casual t-shirt. The high-waisted, pencil-shaped skirt may be combined as well with a long top, as a sweater, a t-shirt or a shirt, on which you can put a thin and soft belt.



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