Street style: Girls walk in Milan

As long as it’s about fashion and photography, you can do practically anything, regardless of the season or the weather. I don’t know if you can imagine how is to pose in the winter, on cold weather, but it can happen in the Capital of Fashion. We are lucky though that the winters in Milan are not very cold, at least this year was not a very cold one. And in a sunny day, with temperatures a bit above freezing, a beautiful team of people, organized a shooting in the heart of Milan, location Rotonda della Besana.

It was a beautiful day. Despite the fact that it was very cold, we managed to have fun and make a good team. I simply love this type of events, as I always have the chance to meet new people and make new friends. We gather a little group of people that we share the same passions: the fashion and photography. There’s always something new to learn from each other. Thus, I discovered a new passion, the group fashion photography. I like this mixture of fashion styles and colors, all put together (see the images below).

In order to create the glamour winter style, which was the theme of the event, every girl created her own style, using her own wardrobe, using fur hats, berets, hats, fur coats, scarves, coats, gloves, leather jackets, high heels boots, boots etc.

The photo team: Leonardo Giordano, Massimo Mazzasogni Aldo Valentini, Abramo Marinoni
Stylist: Alessandro Flyer Moda, Giuliana Cazzaniga, Gabriella Teopiste Locci
MUA: Martina Parravicini, Marilena Artista, Chiara Monga,
Models: Alessia Acquarone, Jamille Montenegro, Alice Bugli, Benoite Tewolde, Caccia Elisabetta, Erica Barbieri, Genny Bellini Liudmila Carta, Gaia Salvioni.

The dogs are the top of this shooting. They are greyhounds, a very lively breed, but who has a very sad story behind. These dogs are usually used for racing, a billion-euro industry. The saddest thing is that these dogs are simply seen only as a source of profit and nothing more than that, and the way they are treated is doubtlessly scary. Statistically speaking, there are about 13.000 greyhounds born yearly. About 80% of them disappear without a trace, either they are shot and thrown down a ravine, or they are simply abandoned in deserted places after numerous selections. Approximately 2.500 are young greyhounds that are not good enough to be enlisted for racing. Another part of them are retired dogs due to their age. It should be mentioned that the maximum age for a racing greyhound is one year tops. Only 10% of these dogs have the chance to be adopted and live a life, being loved in a family.



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