How do we dress this autumn? 5 new tendences from pre-fall 2016 collections

Colorful furs or animal-like or dresses are only a few tendencies of autumn 2016

As we are in full autumn, we tend a lot to see what we can buy ourselves, that can respect the actual tendencies. But for sure the question is: What is it fashionable for this 2016 autumn? What are the tendencies that will follow for autumn-winter 2016? In Milan, but also in the online shops, the pre-fall collections have already appeared. According to the designers, it seems like for this autumn-winter, the tendencies are focused on animal-like prints and other things, like colorful furs, sheepskin lambswool coats (shearling), masculine suits.



Whether you like it or not, the animal-like style is back. So, if you still have clothes with leopard or zebra prints, you may very well wear them again this period, or you may focus on buying dresses with animal-like prints, cardigans, coats or any other accessories.



This was also very fashionable some time ago and is now pushed up again by some designers. This type of coat is a very good acquisition as it’s very easy to preserve it in your closet, and once you have it, you will be able to wear it for more seasons, as everyone can see that the fashion comes back in circles, and vintage clothes are more and more appreciated. So if you have a little shearling from your mother or your father, you have to know that you can wear it proudly, knowing that you have a fashionable look.



The furs that the designers propose this season are very cheerful, colorful, with floral prints.

Men’s suits


It’s about those suits, trousers and jacket that are very often wore by business women that stay at the office for the whole day, only this time, the suits are very colorful, cut up, with floral prints and a lot of charm.



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