The autumn is the season of changes and it puts its spell on us all so dearly. One positive thinking is the key of success during the gloomy days of autumn. But how can you have a positive thinking when everything around you, seems to be so depressive.

There are some undisputed reasons, even for a person who loves the summer and the sun like me, that show that autumn is the perfect timing to make some drastic changes in their lives.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who suffer mood changes once there are changes of season. This happens to me too. I have mentioned before that my state of mind is very affected beginning with autumn, up until the middle of the winter, when I barely find myself a spiritual equilibrium and see everything in a different, positive light. And I am not ashamed to speak about that, as this problem affects many of us, and we have to openly discuss about it, to see how we can overcome the depressing moods. I myself had to learn how to live in the autumn, without falling into depression, melancholy, neuroticism or other negative or stressful moods, that affects us more in the autumn than in different seasons.

It says that the spring is the right moment to begin a new life. It is true! But we also have to admit that the autumn is also a good timing to make new changes. First of all, I have learned that amongst many gloomy days, the autumn is also productive, and the light that is missing outside, can be found in yourself and what you do.

The autumn 2016 has something very special in it. Without any special reason, just what I feel about it. For example, in the autumn you can start eating healthier, concentrating more on your career, getting your goals that had been put aside, done.

Here are three motives that led me to the conclusion that the autumn is the perfect timing to begin new important projects that can really change your life.


Rainy days keep us indoors, but that can be a good thing as well, as we can find ourselves something to do here. I concentrate myself on my career and personal objectives, to find solutions for older projects/problems, and to write down on paper new projects. Also, this is the right time to clean our closets and drawers, where there is always something to get rid of.


I love to read and this is the right period to have a good book or a good movie with substance that can offer you a good energy and optimism.


The autumn is also good for saving money. Usually this is when we work more and spend less. So, with the money you save now, you can make plans for future holidays.

How we dress in the autumn? For those who love the summer, may be very difficult to change the light and fluffy clothes to heavy woolen ones. But still, sometimes the beauty needs sacrifices and for that there is a saying: “The old lady resists to the beauty” I can’t stand the winter heavy clothes, so there is a small chance for me to keep making pictures outside, once the winter comes.

Here is my new outfit for the autumn. I was in an ordinary day of autumn, a bit cold, for a walk, in Monza.





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