What happens to our lost dreams?

I asked myself the question in the title few days ago and I still keep it in my mind. I just thought of myself, the one now and the one ten years ago. I was 18 years old then.  Sometimes I just think of how many things have changed in my life. How many events, big or small, some good, some bad, got their part in my actual evolution in the last 10 years. Only now I realize that I have grown up, now that I take Jessica to school, when we do the homework together, when we have our small talks like girls, I see myself through her, the girl I was, the mother I am now.

And I keep asking myself, what happens to our dreams we have as children, when we grow up? Do you know? In what part of the world or soul have you lost them? We all have dreams. Since we are children, we make our plans that we wish to follow when we grow up. Some of them we manage to fulfill, but some others seem to get lost. Most of the times, we don’t even seem to realize that we lost the dreams, or maybe sometimes we remember them wondering in resignation: “how would I be today if” or “what would it happen if”.

It’s not easy at all when you have to give up on your dreams, when you have to give up on what you had been gathering somewhere in your soul for a long time. When you give everything inside you for something that is not sure. A future for which you had had no plans. An uncertain and confused future that doesn’t guarantee anything. No joy. No sadness. Maybe only the silence… and the loneliness.

Unfortunately, no one is born with all the necessary instructions in life, to guide us all the time to the path of success. We are born blind folded, fumbling around for days, stumbling on rocks sometimes, or some other things later, until a dim light barely gets into our eyes at the end.

But can it be considered a defeat, the fact that we couldn’t follow our dreams? Ten years ago that could mean a real tragedy for me, but today I realize that there is no defeat. The doors that got closed to me then, opened some other doors to other possibilities, I started to go on a different path that led me to the person I am today. Especially as a woman, I have learned a lot about me, but most of all, about people generally.

What happens to our lost dreams? We have two choices. We forget them and create some new ones, or we adapt the old ones. I realized that although I walked on a lot of new paths in the past years, something didn’t actually change, my soul and my dreams. I came to the conclusion that not everything was lost, that even though not everything was going to be the way I had thought it would, some of my dreams could actually be saved, reorganized and reshaped and adapted to my spiritual entourage that I have now. And here I am now, chasing my dreams whilst the past is just a background.

In conclusion, some dreams are lost to make way for new ones to come. The important thing is to keep believing and be enthusiastic every day, to take what it’s good in people and put aside what it is bad and after you will start appreciating the present, you’ll be able to get new results and dreams or bits of old dreams wrapped in new ones.

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