The skirt in the cold season. Don’t give up on it, not even at sub zero degrees

Don’t you know what to wear in the cold season? I advise you not to give up on the charm of the skirts or dresses. Choose the right materials to make you feel warm and continue to be feminine.

What should you wear during the cold days of autumn or winter? For many women, this is the most difficult period in order to create an attractive outfit. For many times, after several attempts to find a cozy outfit that would underline the woman’s sensuality, it just happens to end up choosing some clothes that cover all the body, so there won’t be any centimeters of skin that get in contact with the cold outside. And the final outcome would be an entire row of clothes that besides the fact that they keep you warm, they look like nothing at all. When, actually, it would be more than enough to pay more attention to the clothes you choose, to choose better materials, playing with the combination of fabric and colours, and in the end you may find the right style for the cold season. The biggest and most common mistake made by women generally is to give up on skirts once the colder temperatures arrive.

What is the right length of the skirts during the cold season?

Many women think that the skirts are normally for summer use only, when you can reveal your legs, when the air is fresher and more relaxing and they are careless, while during the cold season, they only focus on trousers. Do you think like that too? Then it’s time to change your mind.

The skirt worn in the winter includes the stockings or gaiters which cover and protect the legs against the cold. You should know that there are a lot of types of these so you can make a lot of amazing combinations while you can keep remaining chic and sensual. In addition to that you should also know that there are the long boots up to your knee that also cover the whole leg and also protect you from the cold. Also in the winter season you may choose long wool dresses, three quarter cotton or leather skirts or even a long sweater and the problem is solved.

About what type of skirts is fashionable in autumn – winter 2016, I am going to talk in a future post. The only thing you should know is that the offer is very generous especially about the length of them.

The skirt up to the knee or the skirt over the knee? I say yes to both of them. It doesn’t matter if we speak about the bell-shaped skirts or the pencil-shaped ones, the length up to the knee is perfect to protect us from the cold because they can be worn together with the boots up to the knee.







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