Como lake


The magnificent view of Como lake (Lago di Como) has charmed for many centuries, artists and travelers like the French writer Flaubert, the musicians Gioacchino Rossini, Giuseppe Verdi or Vincenzo Bellini who wrote his “Norma” opera in this area.

The Como lake still remains an attractive place where many celebrities, even international ones, take refuge in this superb place to admire the beauty of the lake but also of the cities around it.

The Como lake is situated at about 50 km away from Milan, between Como and Lecco provinces and it’s on the third place with a depth of 410 m, after Garda and Maggiore lakes. It’s one of the most important lakes in Lombardia and has an y-inversed-shaped and it lays in 3 branches, south west of Como and Lecco and south east and north of Colico. Its banks have many fascinating places, beginning with beautiful villas and luxuriant gardens that await visitors searching for relaxation, amusement and culture.

Many of the villas on the bank of the lake belong to the royal families of the XVI century, while the cities around the lake may offer outstanding views or hidden histories. For instance, in Como city, from where the lake takes its name, there is the Museo didattico della Seta where everyone can learn about the tradition of textile production in Como.


Bellagio city lies at the meeting point of the three branches, a city with beautiful aristocratic villas, here we mention Villa Serbelloni or Villa Melzi with its botanic garden. To the south of the lake, it lies the city of Lecco. Here we can visit the Villa Manzoni and the museum of Manzoni. To the north there are a few cities like Varenna, Bellano and Colico, the headquarter of the Piona abbey. Besides the cultural and historical inheritance of the lake, there are also the sports attractions. This is the perfect location for those who love active holidays. For instance, in the summer, those who love nautical sports can enjoy navigation, boating, windsurfing, engine boating, nautical skiing or kite surfing.

The aerial sports practitioners can enjoy the glider or the paragliding with an open view to the lake. The mountain lovers can enjoy alpinism, short trips, cycling or equitation.

No matter if summer or winter, the Como lake is always a place where everyone can find the right place for rest and to recharge the batteries over the weekend.

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