You’re between past and future happiness!

We are obviously aware that we all have to live in the present, but due to hurry, stress or tiredness, we end up living the same routine every day. And it happens that when we are sick or in a critical situation, we realize exactly how fast the time went by and we didn’t even notice it.

However, even if we sacrifice our present thinking of the future, it doesn’t let us live the present the way we would like – “now and here”. The magic moment that includes the way of our life, all the positive things, all our happiness.

If you want to live well, just do everything in your power to get rich. You will be able to buy yourself everything you want, you’ll be able to afford everything, you’ll even be able to rejuvenate doing some plastic surgeries or special treatments. You’ll be able to seduce anyone; you’ll get a solid career and eventually you’ll have success. Or you will be able to build a large and wonderful family. But despite all that, you will never be truly happy if you let yourself led by negative emotions and you will not know how to live up the moment.

Against this background of ideas, I am thinking of how many thousand emotions there are in a single moment. How many sacrifices there are in a moment that is lived well, how many tears have to pour for an honest smile, how many failures are to be done for a happy moment, how many hopes there are in a dream. Do you know the answer to that?

Live the moment, live your emotions

Between the past and the future, there is our present with things we miss, with hopes, with shattered dreams and rebuild ones.

Between the past and the future, there is an unknown world that is eager to be discovered and that is eager to get to know you in return.

Between the past and the future, there are our decisions, the words we speak, the way we think, the way we look at the world around us and our life.

Between the past and the future, there are frosty winters and warm ones, some of them have already tested us, some are so eager to do it and mess us up.

Between the past and the future, there are moments that give birth to other moments, there are emotions that give birth to other emotions, there are dreams that create thousand other dreams.

Between the past and the future, there are moments when we miss, moments that made us drunk with melancholy, moments that drew our face.

Between the past and the future, it’s you with your soul, it’s your childish soul that has grown up and wants to grow even more to return to the childhood. Don’t give up!

Between the past and the future, new hopes are born, new smiles, new loves. It’s only important to believe!

Between the past and the future, there will always be you, always special!

I will finish here with these thoughts, leaving you a few images from a moment of life when the eyes are glittering of happiness and that they drove my mind to my childhood and my place of birth. Live the moment, follow your path but never forget who you really are, who you were and who you want to become.





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