Como-Brunate: What to see in Como in just one day

As I told you in a previous article, this summer has been very nice… Finally, the three of us in our own home, having relaxing weekends at home or walking in great places.

(In the summer I was away from home a lot and opened the computer very few times. I have a lot of pictures taken and it’s taking me some time to select, edit and upload them for you to see).

One of our summer 2018 trips was a return to Como. I say, return, because we’ve been to Lake Como more than once (in some cases we didn’t even take pictures, just walked around) and it’s a particularly beautiful place that I’ve already told you about in the past (see here) This time it was special to go to Como in July to celebrate our anniversary, but also the fact that my brother from London had come to visit us.

What we had never done before in Como was to take the cable car up to the small town of Brunate. And this time we did it. Here we were able to admire from high above the Como city and the lake at sunset.

In short…

Brunate is a small town in Lombardy with about 2000 inhabitants, located in the Lombardy foothills, just 5 km from Lake Como. Brunate is also known as the “Balcony of the Alps”, because of its altitude and because it offers the most beautiful view of Como.

From Como a Brunate you can reach it very quickly by cable car, which is located along the lake. Once you reach the top, you will discover a small ancient town, full of historical monuments and offering tourists several panoramic points, among which: Faro Voltiano, located at the top of Mount Tre Croce, Belvedere di via Pirotta, Piazzale Buonacossa.

Zuccarello- one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Useful information: How to get to Brunate and when it’s worth visiting

Located 5 km from Como, Brunate is also very easy to reach by car, taking the route from via Batistti or via statale per Lecco, if you come from Milan or Switzerland, you have to take the A9 COMO-CHIASSO. If you decide to go by car, you should know that on public holidays the centre of Brunate is closed to traffic  between the hours  15-17. But the most convenient remains the cable car, where the ticket costs €5.50 return or €3 one way…

Summer is the perfect time to visit Brunate, especially if you want to escape the heat of the city.Summer temperatures in Como are very high, and Brunate is a cool town, a town in the shade of the woods…It is less recommended to go to Brunate in winter, as the weather is the opposite: At Brunate it is very cold, while in the town of Como winters are milder.


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