Casale Monferrato: tourist attractions

What sights can you find in Piedmont or what to visit on a mini holiday to Monferrato?Here are some sights in Casale Monferrato!

Casale Monferrato is considered the capital Monferrato and is the ideal starting point to begin discovering this territory.

Casale Monferrato is an intimate town with ancient palaces, arcades, historic shops and that special romantic atmosphere that only small towns can have because they have not been touched by modernization.

If you’re coming to Casale Monferrato for even a day, here are some attractions worth visiting.

Castle of the Paleologi (Castello dei Paleologi)

Once in Casale Monferrato it is impossible not to visit the Castle of Casale Monferrato, also called the Castle of the Paleologians. This imposing castle is located right in the centre of the town, or rather in the middle of the square with the same name – Piazza Castello.

The castle fortress was built for the Marquis of Monferrato, Giovanni Paleologo, in the early 1350s. After Casale became the capital of Monferrato, the castle was remodelled as a residence and became the palace of the Monferrato court in the early 1500s.

The structure is asymmetrical hexagonal and is surrounded by a deep groove. At four of the six ends are large towers, while in the centre of one of the two shorter facades, the one facing the town centre, is the main entrance to the castle courtyard.

In the castle’s courtyard is the Monferrato Regional Wine Shop, and the castle grounds are often used as a stage for shows and events. Nowadays the Castle hosts all kinds of exhibitions.

Santo Stefano Civic Tower

The Santo Stefano Civic Tower is 60 metres high and today embodies the symbol of Casale Monferrato. It is built entirely of brick, and on certain days visitors are allowed to climb to the top where they can admire the panorama of the town.

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Duomo – Cathedral of Sant’Evasio

After passing the Civic Tower and taking the first steps towards Piazza Mazzini you can see a fraction of the Cathedral’s private façade.

The cathedral of Casale Monferrato is in memory of Saint Evasio, and according to the oldest documents it is proved to have existed even before the year 1000.

The cathedral of Casale Monferrato has undergone numerous reconstruction (following the destruction of one of the two bell towers by lightning) and restoration works. A restoration carried out in the 18th century gave the church a more baroque look, while in the mid-1800s some structural failures made further interventions necessary.

Mazzini Square

Piazza Mazzini is the city’s main square, which can be reached by walking along Piazza Castello to Via Saffi. The first thing you’ll see in this square is the large bronze statue of King Charles Albert on horseback, a monument erected in thanksgiving for the restoration of the old Senate of Casale Monferrato in 1837.

Because of the statue in its centre, Piazza Mazzini is also known as Piazza del Cavallo.

Piazza Manzzini has four angles, from which the most important streets of Casale Monferrato start:

  • Via Saffi, leading to the Civic Tower
  • Via Roma, Casalese shopping street
  • Via del Duomo, leading to the cathedral
  • Via Lanza, where the historic factory of Krumiri Rossi, the historic biscuits of Casale Monferrato, is located.


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