Millavintage officially at Fashion Art and More 5.0

The fashion and art combine themselves in an outstanding event, that will take place during that fashion week in Milan (21-27 February),  and where the author of fashion blog, Millavintage will be present.

On Monday the 21 of February, The fifth edition of an event of a large scale, will take place in Milan, called ’FASHION ART and MORE’, organized by B&20 agency and Wellness for You Fashion by Sabrina Spinelli. The event is sustained by the Fashion Designer National Organization in Milan, where some fashion designers will present in exclusivity their creation for Fall/Winter 2018 season. In addition to that, every fashion designer will participate in a live shooting, where they will get the chance to dress up a model with their best creation, for the whole length of the event. Just like in the past editions, celebrities (from Italy and abroad) of fashion are announced to attend to the event, artists and ambassadors that will come to Milan, especially for the grand show. Amongst the honorable guests of the event, will be the famous designer Gianni Tolentino.

The organisers of the show have announced an evening full of art events as well, at the event, participating the president of the Container Lab Association, a well-known association in Italy for their permanent aid, given to art and culture, all around the world. Amongst other celebrities, it will be the Danish artist Rea Dela Cruz with an interesting exposition. There will also be there, important guests from the press and fashion bloggers.

Fashion Art and More is a unique chance for the young designers to try to catch the public’s eye with their collections, on a 25m long catwalk, among baroque chandeliers, art and luxury. The location of the event, is just like the other editions, the prestigious club FIFTYFIVE 55, the biggest luxury club in Europe ( via Piero della Francesca, 55, Milano).

If you are interested and you want to come this new, unprecedented event, then, on the 27th of February, dress yourself elegantly and come to FIFTYFIVE 55. The ticket will be 12 euros (a cocktail included and the Royal buffet).


18:00 The guest arrival

18:30 Live shooting

19:30 Royal Buffet

20:30 The fashion show

For more information, you can call:

Sabrina Spinelli (Business Owner Wellness for You Fashion) : phone: 3387975351
Enrico Colombo (Holder Agenzia Eventi B&20 Group) : phone: 3384894993
Paolo Distaso (Holder Agenzia Eventi B&20 Group): phone: 3391386842

Bellow, you may see a few images with the celebrities, models and brands, that are announced to be present at Fashion Art and More.







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