What your hair says about you

Long or short, straight or wavy, blond, brown, red or black, our hair lives with us and conveys a number of non-verbal messages: it can reveal some information about our personality, our moods and our health. So it’s no wonder when they say that you should go to a hairdresser like a doctor, you don’t have to hide anything!

How many times has it happened that at a special time in your life, positive or negative, you wanted a change of look, whether it was just doing your hair differently or changing the color of your hair?

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Usually these changes in our hair can occur depending on our personality and the moods we are in at the time. Or we simply want to convey a different message about ourselves to others, based mainly on social stereotypes that have emerged over time, such as blondes being more sensual and seductive, brunettes vigorous and tenacious, redheads rebellious and a little docile.

You should know that not only the colour, but also the length of the hair can say a lot about a woman. Like for example, short hair reveals a practical, flirty and sporty personality, while long hair conveys more elegance and sensuality. Women with long hair are usually the ones who love to take care of themselves and dedicate time to styling their hair and keeping it neat and tidy, while women with short hair prefer convenience.

So you can see how even the hair can hide a whole personality. As for colour, if you choose to dye your hair blonde you’ll have to act blonde and so on.

Of course, let’s not forget that the look is customised according to taste, needs or character, but there are also women who change their look because they want to look like a celebrity.

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There are women who love their hair and are hard to convince to make a change, because hair gives them stability and security, there are also women who hate it or simply do not have a very close relationship with their hair, so they will always seek to change it, as there are women who go to hairdresser once a week and those who go once a year, those who always change the hairdresser and those who would not replace it for anything in the world.

In any case, the choice of hair look is not random, but is always dictated by personality and circumstances.

What is your relationship with your hair?



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