Hairstyle ideas for this winter

Speaking of colours and dressing trends that are in vogue this winter, this time I’d like to present some hairstyle ideas.

Winter is also the most problematic season when it comes to cooking. We don’t know what to do to make our hair look good, how to keep it from getting uncomfortable on cold days when we need to wear hats or beanies, and how to look good at the same time.

Honestly, I have a problem with this too, especially since I have long hair and in the morning when I’m in a hurry I don’t know how to make it look good.

So, that’s how I got the idea to “browse” through this fall’s fashion shows and see what stylists are coming up with in terms of hairstyles for this season.

So, I found some ideas that I find very interesting and simple to implement on gloomy mornings when we are on the run to work.

First of all, this winter hair is getting very accessorized, I’ve noticed an emphasis on all sorts of headbands and pearl crowns, as well as all sorts of sparkly clutches. Another interesting aspect is the fact that this season too hair is left up to chance, meaning if you walk out of the house unbrushed, then you really will be on trend. This year too, stylists are putting the emphasis on tufted and natural hair, only they’re coming up with a few accessories, like headbands or hoops.

Caught in the tail, worn on a Dior Fall Winter 2015 2016 side – source:




Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2015 2016 crown – source:



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