Top 10 most beautiful love movies of all time

February is considered the month of love, of true love. But where else do we see the most beautiful love stories than in the movies. To celebrate love in the most sublime way possible, I recommend a film to watch with your loved one. So in February, give priority to love films.

Here’s my list of the most romantic movies of all time. This time, I’m not going to introduce the films, because you surely know them, you’ve seen them, but now, it’s one more opportunity to revisit them.

 It was quite hard for me to be objective in choosing these films, mainly because the  list of good romance films is much longer. As a rule, I think that,  in general, everyone chooses their favorite movie according to their personal life, according to the love stories lived in our real life, according to age and cultural background. And even if there are a lot of love movies, not all of them manage to move a man and a woman equally. But there are films that have been successful among both sexes. These are the films that I’ve been drawn to.

1. Casablanca-1944


2. Breakfast at Tiffany – 1958


3. Notting Hill- 1999


4. Moulin Rouge -2001


5. Titanic- 1997


6. Second Time is a Charm-1957


7.Harry and Sally


Love Story-1970


9. Pretty Woman-1990


10. Sabrina- 1954


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