Romanian films in 2016

Romanian films 2016. Several Romanian directors have announced the release of their new productions this year. Here are some other films that will be released in cinemas in 2016 that you should not miss. 

Scarred Hearts, directed by Radu Jude


Romanian director Radu Jude puts the drama of a young tuberculosis patient on the screen. The production is an adaptation of Mac Blecher’s texts from the novel of the same name.The novel Scarred Hearts, is considered a Romanian masterpiece, published in 1930 by the aforementioned author. The book is the story of a young Romanian man, scarred by spinal tuberculosis, who falls in love with a colleague who is also in the same sanatorium near Paris. The novel thus describes the patients’ efforts and attempts to enjoy the last moments of their lives, aware that they will die.

Three Romanian films expected in 2016

Fixeur, directed by Adrian Sitaru



An impressive story about journalism, a story about professional affirmation, but also about morality. Because more often than not, this profession comes head to head with these two aspects. So, Fixeur is a film about the life of Radu, a young journalism graduate, eager for success in the international press, who gets an important assignment, but who becomes quite complicated when he has to fight with his own moral values. The young man has to report on underage girls who are victims of traffickers of human flesh, sold on the streets of France. We are talking about a film with a script drawn from real, authentic facts, a delicate problem that unfortunately Romania is facing today.

Double, directed by Catrinel Dănăiață


The film is a drama inspired by compelling true stories. The screenplay is written by Alexandra Axinte and Catrinel Dănăiață. The film Double is already the winner of a 528.000 RON prize at the September 2011 session of the CNC competition. A film not to be missed in 2016.

The History of Love, directed by Radu Mihăilescu

Sophie Nelisse and Derek Jacobi film 'History of Love' in Central Park**USA ONLY**

It is the first English-language film by director Radu Mihailescu to be released this year. It is an adaptation of Nicole Krauss‘s 2005 bestseller. It is the story of a young man named Leo from the Holocaust to modern New York. Leo is writing a book for his girlfriend Alma, which he calls “The History of Love”, from whom he was separated during World War II when Germany invades Poland. In his old age, Leo is unaware that his book about Alma has been printed and is a great success, arousing the curiosity of many to find out the identity of the characters.

Why Me?, directed by Tudor Giurgiu

De-ce-eu.jpgA story based on real facts. Cristian is a young judge, with a brilliant career, put to the test in a delicate corruption case, as it concerns a colleague of his accused of forgery. The main character thus enters a dangerous dilemma, with many unpleasant and painful memories.


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