Smooth and beautiful feet: Tips for perfect care

Smooth and beautiful legs are some of the goals of any unattractive woman. With summer in full swing, we’re getting more and more naked and flaunting our physical beauty on beaches or at pools, we need to pay daily attention to our feet and skin in general.

So, I thought I’d talk to you a bit about this and give you some tips on how to have beautiful feet with proper hair removal so that you don’t damage your skin.

Whether we’re wearing a swimsuit, a dress or a pair of shorts our feet are the centre of attention in the summer season and that’s why they need to look perfectly groomed. Depilation is the most important technique to give a nice look to the calves, but how to depilate properly so that we don’t leave irritation marks behind from razors, razor cuts?

It’s true, there are many ways to epilate, from waxing to all kinds of depilatory creams (many of which don’t really help), but the most common method, simple and very quick, is still epilating with a waxing needle.

How to take care of your body skin

When we’re in a hurry and don’t have time to sit around with wax or cream on, then the blade saves us. However, there are a few steps to keep in mind to protect your feet from razor burn.

Rule No. 1: Exfoliation

Before using the razor, apply an exfoliating cream that will soften the charged hairs and dead cells. If you don’t have such a cream at home then you can easily create a homemade cream by adding a little sugar or salt to a normal moisturiser.

Rule No. 2: Never use the blade on dry land

Before you start to epilate with a razor, remember to use a soap or other foaming body wash, massaging it into your legs. Always choose #light products and not very dense ones to avoid blocking the razor blade. This way, the blade will glide  smoothly and leave your skin soft and silky.

Rule No. 3: Use Aloe Vera after waxing

At the end of the epilation, always apply a good dose of nourishing cream to restore the skin’s protective barrier.

I always recommend Aloe Vera based creams, because I use and love Aloe Vera products as they are truly miraculous. Aloe Vera will soothe, disinfect or eliminate redness after waxing.

I tried all kinds of Aloe Vera products, until I discovered Forever with a wide range of products  from  Aloe Vera one hundred percent natural and effective. The rich Aloe Vera gel ( 84,46%) moisturizes, smoothes and regenerates the skin in the shortest possible time.

While Aloe Propolis Creme also contains chamomile, vitamin A and E to nourish dry skin and keep skin looking healthy. These are two basic products that you shouldn’t be without in your home, especially as they are great for all skin types from small to large.I bought them here

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