How to take care of your skin

Taking care of your physical appearance is a very important action for a woman who wants to keep her outer beauty for a long time. This need, of course, stems from within, from the desire to keep a youthful and sparkling appearance as long as possible. To have beautiful, young, healthy, toned skin is every woman’s dream. But to keep skin as young and healthy as possible is a process that consists of several daily attentions.

How to keep skin young and beautiful?

Do you wonder how other women manage to have beautiful skin even though they are no longer young? The secret lies in the pace of life that everyone has/had. For beautiful, healthy skin, you should start caring as a teenager, pay attention to several aspects and form an orderly lifestyle.

Here are four rules that I consider really important, selected from several sources and life experiences, rules that you should keep in mind if you want to be enviable even after 50 with healthy and beautiful skin.

Smoking causes great damage to our bodies, including our skin, because smoking slows the flow of oxygen and produces harmful free radicals, which accelerate the ageing process. So remember that this would be a very serious reason not to take up smoking or if you are already a smoker, then it would be good to consider giving up this vice.

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Sleep  . For a beautiful body and a healthy mind it is recommended to sleep  min 7 hours-maximum 8 hours a night. So, sleepless nights bring great damage to our body, and as far as the skin is concerned the epidermal cells fail to regenerate, so the skin loses its brightness.

The climate and the sun It has been found that 95% of wrinkles occur due to sun exposure. So, it prevents sudden exposure to the sun. Apply the highest UV protective creams first until your skin gets used to them, then gradually reduce the percentage of protection. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen even when the sky is cloudy.

Food. Pay more attention to what you eat as your skin also suffers from what you eat. Avoid spicy foods, avoid excess salt, avoid fats and drink plenty of water after every meal.





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