Inspirations: summer haircuts

Want a radical change this summer? How about a haircut like you’ve never had before?  Here are this summer’s haircut trends.


Summer 2017 mowing. Not my case! I’m still not brave enough  to take my hair down, but I don’t hide the fact that I’m very often tempted to do it. Especially since some really beautiful and interesting haircuts are in fashion this year.

If you’ve decided to get a short haircut, keep in mind that your facial features will stand out a lot. And especially short hair and drastic haircuts are a must-have this summer. Ideas for short haircuts are many. The hottest trend is the “bowl” haircut, but only for straight hair and for a very pleasing face shape.

In general, the focus in summer 2017 is on short asymmetrical, youthful and determined haircuts. Bob, tiered haircuts are the easiest solutions that fit approved any face.

If you’re not very determined or like me, you don’t have enough courage to cut your hair very short, you can opt for a long bob. Or if you don’t want to touch the length, you can just do a few scales and  a bangs. That way you’ll get a change of look without losing too much of your hair!

What do you do if you have curly hair? For curly hair the recommendations for 2017 are: bangs.  Plus, if you give it a wet effect, this summer you’ll look gorgeous.










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