Must-have 2016: Coverall elegant evening

The coveralls are the new trend for the summer of 2016. Many designers in Millan suggest we should focus on such things. This summer, the coveralls, either elegant or casual, are the new wave in the shops of the European fashion capital.

Milan is the city where you can find everything in terms of fashion, but at the same time, you can wander around through many shops and have no clue what exactly to buy. Sometimes it is hard because you really don’t like what you find but most of the times you do really like a lot of stuff, but you find, on the other hand, that it is difficult to choose. Obviously, you cannot buy everything you see. The most difficult time is when you have to combine an outfit of two pieces. Search for the trousers or the skirt you like, then after that, search for a blouse or a shirt that would match it. To do that is simply a nightmare.  In addition to that, you also have to have in mind that you need those clothes for a certain occasion. This is why, most of the time, I end up buying a dress.

The coverall of 2016 is the right thing to save us from all that trouble. One simple piece that dresses us up from head to toe without any supplementary fuss. The coveralls that the stylists are trying to surprise us this year are very stylish, feminine, sexy and they can be worn almost everywhere and at any time. The coveralls collections of this season’s surprise us with the easiness of combining and may offer the possibility of creating new looks, from the elegant evening attire to a simple casual daily one. There may be special occasions, from a party, a supper that requires a special dress code, but if you wish to avoid wearing an evening gown,  a coverall may very well offer you the right look without many time wasted on what to wear.  This year, the coverall is the perfect thing, especially for those women that love to show their forms and express their sexuality, but also for those who would like to hide some imperfections.

The coverall id these images belongs to Irina Tîrdea, it is made of an elastic fabric that fits everyone, from slim to those who weight a few pounds more. An important detail is the little “dress” from the waist that gives you the impression that you see two different pieces: trousers and a blouse which is perfect mostly for those with a little larger hips or for those who are pregnant in a few months but they would like to hide it from the world’s eyes.

Thus, have in mind that the coverall is a must have for the summer of 2016.

The coveralls: Iris Collection by  Irina Tîrdea

Photo: Giorgio Taddia



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