Cadmium orange, the fashion colour in 2016

The women fashion in 2016 has brought many changes in what we used to know so far. This year’s trends are very generous, on every woman’s taste. Practically, it’s much easier to find ourselves in the stylist’s recommendations, to find something that fits us and to create a desireful outfit. Of course, everything is related to our creativity and the knowledge we have to combine the clothes. An outstanding element for 2016 fashion is the colour rage, a lot more generous and happy comparing it to the years before. About the colours of 2016 I have talked in a different post before, but I would like to remind you that the most unusual ones that are also on the top list of the 2016 range are: cadmium orange, kashmir pink, amethyst orchid, mustard yellow, tropical blue, stormy weather and olive green.

Colours that succeed to bring a lot more energy on our faces, colours that enlighten us and inspire us towards more creativity. Although we have a free choice to choose the colours, we must be careful when we choose them in order to create an elegant and feminine outfit. Because in 2016 the floral is also fashionable, prints, it is important, how to balance the outfit.

The cadmium orange is a warm colour, luminous, that leads our thought to the warmth of the one who wears it. In my new photographic editorial, I would like to present you a little Indian dress of cadmium orange with geo-floral prints, in the colour range of 2016. The dress is really made in India and the modernism and traditionalism of India, perfectly combines in this little dress that can be very well worn in the streets of Millan or elsewhere to send our thoughts to a different culture. The dress has three-quarter sleeves and it’s made of silk, it’s very light and so it’s perfect for colder days of summer as cadmium orange emanates warmth and a lot of light. By chance, in my wardrobe, I found this little summer bag that I found last year on Elba Island.






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