Look of the summer: Romantic punk

This editorial is a little bold and maverick but also, at the same time elegant and romantic. The clothes are inspired by the punk style, reinvented by the Romanian stylist Irina Tîrdea. The punk style was much appreciated during the 70’s and 80’s, but, somehow reinvented in a futuristic way; it’s also very fashionable nowadays. It’s a combination between the counterculture and romanticism; it’s a unique, complex and bold style.  The punk style is not only a trend from a certain period of time, but it’s an artistic way of living, a fashion without prejudice that has no limits.

For the spring-summer 2016, the romanticism has a sort of dark side. Designers thought that they should combine these two elements in order to create a brand new one, the romantic punk. The essential fabrics for that are the tulle and silk, but it’s not excluded to use an old vibration style like the leather jacket or even the outfits that contain metallic elements. The most common colour of the punk style has always been black, combined with various vivid other colours, depending on the season. For instance, if you remember the Gala Met from this spring, many of the celebrities wore punk outfits on the red carpet.

Regarding my outfit from the following pictures, I wear:  a black top of metallic sparkles and a little black transparent skirt made of black tulle with a red train to which I added a pair of elegant sandals and a look, as natural as possible, in order to add an elegance and romantic look to this editorial.


Milano, Iunie 2016

Clothes and Accessories – Iris Collection by Irina Tîrdea

Makeup and hair stylist: Nur Pastorino

Photo by Giorgio Taddia




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